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Originally posted on Poetry and Prose on the forums here.

This piece was selected from some poetry I sent in to be published in a student artistic magazine. The funny story behind it is that I got the idea from a time where I had drank a couple beers over at a bar in downtown where they were having a Valentine's day special. Anyways, I had walked outside because I overheard that there was a lady doing tarot-card readings and so I obliged and asked what the future of the Earth was expected to be like. It was interesting and had opened me up to discussing some of the thoughts that had been in my mind from what I learned in the news. Not usually something that I do often but I suppose not everything can be taken through assumption. The style of poetry I used comes from the ode poems or where you address something and perform a writing based on your thoughts.

To a gypsy lady,

I like that you don't have a place to go but I hate it whenever I'm homeless

Why is it that you can get nowhere with a person who's always going places
And why is everything with you a New York minute
No timezone changes

Your patience doesn't match mine
Or maybe it's just a difference in view
Unconditional logic

Gorgeous but forever gone with the wind
You are the Scarlet, the myth, the muse
Please answer
See me outside
Yeah, what you're looking at is well received

Look here
Aren't I what's important
Dare I say, real?
You know what's real, because it follows you

Gypsy lady
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