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In an effort to figure out my MBTI type once and for all. I am going to go from my childhood to my current age describing myself at the different points in my life. If this works the way I want it too, it should give a somewhat objective portrait of me and make it easier to type me.

I was born to a lower class family in California. I had severe asthma and had many episodes where I could've easily just died. Still, I frequently ran around the apartment complex with my one close friend, but eventually we moved.

At our new house, my mom grew even more protective of me and bought me a Nintendo 64 so I wouldn't go outside. I spent the majority of my time playing video games from then on. Even though I had 7 siblings, I never really communicated with any of them. According to all my family, I rarely communicated with anyone without them initiating it.

This is when I started socializing with many of the kids at my school. I'd always try to join in on the games people played, but I was still quiet around authority figures and family.

My parents also started hyping me up as the golden child around this time. Since I never really left my video games except to eat, they rarely had to punish me. I had also consistently been on Honor Roll since starting school.

Around this period, I started reading a lot. The only thing capable of keeping me off video games was a good book. I could easily read a book a day. I even started reading my mother's John Grisham and forensic books behind her back. I became obsessed with her books about serial killers and other sinister people. I liked seeing all the dark things that humans were capable of.

I would seperate myself from my siblings most of the time now because I believed they were stupid as well as my parents. I had frequent physical altercations with my bipolar sister in particular. When I was angry, I just wanted to break stuff, but if I was left alone, I wouldn't act on my feelings.

My father and brother got arrested in front of me for drugs. I remember everyone crying except for me. As a matter of fact, I thought my dad was pitiful for crying and didn't even hug him like everyone else did. I simply went back inside and started playing my Gamecube.

This is my "lost" period. I analyzed every single aspect of my life and realized how stupid my life really was. My parents hated each other yet stayed together to everyones dismay. All 4 of my elder siblings were criminals of some sort and my parents still wanted me to succeed so they could say they were good parents.

My grades dropped drastically as I stopped caring for school. I ditched every single day, sometimes with friends, and sometimes without. I would go to Barnes and Nobles and just read books of my liking all day long. I mainly read books on business and self-help with the occasional manga or horror.I was only in class for about 14 days the entire semester.

I truly had fun during this time, my friends and I often engaged in our own special activities. My favorites being a little boxing club at the park and football.

My abilities to charm revealed themselves in this time as I often easily gained people's trust for reasons I can't seem to pin down. Being a teenage boy, I used this skill to help my friends get girls. I could easily read a girl from her appearance or even through just texting her and knew exactly what needed to be said for them to get into her heart.

A notable moment is when I got kicked out of the school for my absences. I started crying when the dean was telling me how I let everyone down with my actions. To this day, one of the only things that can make me cry is people telling me that I let down everyone.

This was probably the most formative year of my entire life.

I became president of the Philosophy Club and ditched it so much that it got shut down. I had only joined it because my teacher asked me to join it, but it was a little too slow-paced for me and we often just went off-topic.

In my Culinary Class, I convinced everyone that I was named ''Manager" by the teacher and didn't have to do any work. Even when she found out about it, she let me continue my role because she favored me.

I was widely regarded as an eccentric yet genius kid. I became obsessed with fashion and often experimented with bold hairstyles and clothing. I drew great pleasure from the fact that people would copy my style and discuss me. It made me feel important and I realized I liked influencing people. I often helped people do their work, but didn't care to do my own as I saw the work as useless to my ambitions.

Somehow I ended up on the Academic DeCathalon team and attempted to wing the entire thing, but you can probably guess that didn't work out too well.

I started my Senior Project a day before it was due and made 12 slides that had very little writing on them and completely improvised the entire presentation and ended up getting an A.

The biggest event was me falling in love. I had no idea what love would be like, but this hit me hard. I grew obsessed with impressing her and attempted to become knowledgeable in the things she liked. Any other guys who liked her I tried to subtly one-up them and I got on all of her friends good sides. So I did everything but tell her.

I attempted to convince myself that I didn't like her as there was many beautiful girls at the school who liked me, but I couldn't shake off the feelings.

In the end, I ended up never telling her because she liked an acquaintance of mine who humiliated her in front of the entire class. I couldn't bring myself to date someone who someone I knew rejected. I do sometimes wish I had as she did grow to like me.

Another semi-important event was starting a rock band even though I couldn't play an instrument.I convinced some musically-inclined kids that I could play piano so we started a band. Since no one owned a keyboard, I would often just watch everyone else practice. When a keyboard was bought, I complained that the grand piano keys were much heavier so it was hard to play on a keyboard. I mainly wanted to be in a band because I wanted to be famous and influential.

During this time, I did learn how to write pretty good lyrics and melodies so I decided to become a singer of some sort.

I got kicked out of my parents house and now I live with friends. Not in a bad place though I do yearn for new experiences. I now have notebooks full of lyrics and can rap pretty good. Still working on the singing part though.

I spend my freetime with friends doing strange things. We have had many phases such as ghosthunting, barbecuing, making art of some sort and currently making our own movie.

I am definitely more social now than I was a few years ago and now I can be alone, but I always prefer having friends around than to be by myself. I am the de-facto leader of my group because of my wit and charisma.


Current age for about 4 months. I now have performed some shows with my group and am starting to see a way out of the dark.

I'm a pessimistic optimist which doesn't make sense, but it's the best way to describe myself. I have started to become progressively moodier, which is good and bad.

I have become extremely scared of dying young as all of my idols died relatively young. I am pushing myself even harder as I believe I may not have much time left and am never completely satisfied with anything.

I have a goal of being some kind of uber artist never seen before who excels in any field that he goes into. I know that sounds illogical, but I believe that I can literally do anything I put my mind too.

I joke on people a whole lot. To the point where people side with me to avoid being caught in my crosshairs. I also enjoy pushing people's buttons and other ways of demonstrating dominance like besting them in a game of any sort. When I lose however, I can be a sore sport and never acknowledge that it was a good game. I truly don't believe there is a "good game", you either conquered or got conquered.

I'm also known to state something negative about virtually anything with such confidence that some of my friends just give up when I disagree with them out of fear that I'll take their opinion as an attack on my own. Funny thing is, I don't even realize that it's an argument until someone else says so.

Strangely, I am also the one that everyone feels they can talk to about their lives without judgment. I'm kind of known to give motivational speeches and practical advice to people in need.

I can see many opportunities for action and do my best to pursue them. I can generally see where things are headed in the future when it comes to how people can be helpful in reaching common goals. I have a very vague since of my future and it seems positive and I try to plan on how to reach it, but this always falls apart. I can't follow my own plan for the life of me, nearly every big decision I have made in my life has been spur-of-the-moment and it works somehow.Well, that's all. I hope this was enough to get some fairly accurate results. Any input would be very appreciated even if it's just a critique of me as a person. Thank you to everyone who reads this, glad to take up some of your time.

Any and all questions are welcome. I've got nothing to hide.

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I got ENFj

I usually test as ENFJ, followed closely by ENTJ now that I know the functions.

Before I always tested as INTP and INFP.

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Reading people's emotions well, wit and charisma, winning people's trust, etc seems pretty ENFJ-like.

How does this suit you?
ENFJ - Jung Type Descriptions

Hard to see how you went from INTP/INFP to ENFJ.

Fe-dom:focus: interpersonal relationships and their state of harmony
organizes relationships based on degree of relatedness
cultivated through observing how people react to one another
maintains an actively harmonizing approach to life, looking to adopt objective standards (social rules/values) that can avoid negative social consequences
values maintaining rules/virtues that can be universally applied
driven to construct a dependable social system/ framework
uses social values to set priorities, make decisions, understand obligations, anticipate people’s behavior
makes rational decisions that produce social cohesion (does not decide based on personal sentiment)
defines true knowledge as standards/values that uphold relational or community structures in the external world
knows that a strong social framework: 1) maintains the welfare and health of a group, community, society, 2) is expressed through the language of “ritualized” collective behaviors and obligations (e.g. greetings, celebrations, etc.), 3) provides an emotionally supportive foundation for freeing people to pursue individual creative interests, 4) reduces conflict by making social roles well-defined (instead of constantly negotiating duties)

You connect with this?

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This does seem to be me to a t. I was just looking for confirmation and I believe you gave me that.

Thank you
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