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Poll: Coke or Pepsi?

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I grew up enjoying Orange Crush most, then around 18 I drank Coke because my best friend did and I was at her house a lot.

Don't recall why I got into Pepsi, maybe my favorite pizza place had it, but up until I stopped drinking "pop" as we say in Ohio, "soda" as I said living in San Diego, and "soda pop" when I lived in Wisconsin, it was Pepsi, Pepsi, Pepsi...

If I ever drink carbonated anything again--one of those so-called guilty pleasures, it'll be Pepsi Free, i.e. no caffeine; I am sensitive to it, get red, blotchy, heart racing... Not fun at all, which reminds me:

As a kid, which means older than one might imagine, I enjoyed drinking soda until my eyes watered or I choked from laughing, whichever came first.
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