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Well, you sounds pretty similar to myself... you are quite possibly and Enneagram 7, as well.

From my perspective, you definitely sound like an ENTP — especially the parts about being able to deal with the lack of social interaction, despite your desire for it. It may make you feel lonely, but you're able to come up with something else to entertain you.

As far as the music/emotions thing goes, there are actually multiple threads regarding ENTPs and the ability to express/get in touch with our emotions when listening to music.

Finally, like so many of your ENTP brethren, you seem to constantly be evaluating how you fit into the MBTI scheme, and while you feel the ENTP description fits, there are obvious differences that seem to lean you more towards ENFP. This was something I have experienced, as well, and it wasn't until I read more about the cognitive functions that I was satisfied with the ENTP label.

I recommend reading about the differences between Fe and Fi (as those seem to be more obviously different than Te/Ti). From what I've heard, mistypes between ENXPs are quite common, and it is only when you can nail down which functions you prefer to use that you will be able to make a more solid decision.

Good luck!

P.S. This might be a good thread to start with:
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