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@possiBri is right about everything she said. You sound like one of us to me. I think your "off" traits are being caused by a repression of your natural tendencies caused by your living environment. You know ... lack of exposure to others ... no "group" to release your extroversion into .... isolation from diversity.

Most of us don't actually give a rats ass what others think of us. We enjoy a group environment ... but we don't necessarily need their acceptance or understanding. We really only strive for those two things in people who we feel are our equals.

I'm prolly one of the more admittedly cold ENTPs in here so lemme tell you how I see emotions, but don't necessarily transmit these thoughts to your general definition of ALL ENTPs.

I see emotions as just another minor number in the cosmic equation of existence. I have them, but almost always I deem them as irrelevant. I do analyze them fairly regularly, but they hold no more weight than any other minor factor in the analysis.
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