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I was browsing the internet about jewellery, specifically youtubers showing their jewellery collections and talking about some of their sentimental pieces they kept. It got me thinking about the charm bracelets that were popular amongst girls when I was back in school... which really isn't that long ago.

I'm not sure but I'm guessing the Pandora charm bracelets are still in, since the stores are still around. I never liked them but they were prominent on the wrists of every privileged teen schoolgirl. Then again, these were also popular amongst adults.

I also remembered that as a tween, these Italian charm bracelets circulated the schoolyard and I had lots of mixed feelings about them. I didn't like how they looked but I liked how you had to snap the charms together. I'm glad I never got one because I swear it looks more hideous than I remembered.

Please tell me someone remembers these and I'm not making it up.

What other kinds of jewellery were prominent in the schoolyard?
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