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Post Things That Make You Think About Life

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Hi there! =)

Yes you ,the one reading this now, how do you feel about life?

are you happy? or are you sad? are you angry? or are you glad?

If you're sad do you cry? if you're angry why not punch a bag?

If you're happy then smile. If your glad then fly. (well not literally cause you might die).

Has my attempt at rhyming caught your attention yet? If it hasn't then I'm disappointed in myself.

If it has though then all you need to do is smile and post something that makes you think about life.

I'll start with this great video, and I hope you guys can take it from there.

Warning: The thoughts and views expressed in the following video might be considered controversial by some.
If so then please read the disclaimer below.

It doesn't have to be a video of course, it could be your favorite quote from a beloved author, a piece of art that exemplifies the beauty in life, it can be your own creation even. Just something that makes you think about life.

If you do wish to discuss these things in negativity, with a negative aspect and a negative ideology you are certainly free to. But know that is not the point of this thread.
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