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Hopefully no one has ever done this thread before. Haha. Title says it all. Now, post the song you identify with the most as a 4. All genres welcome.

(Here's hoping the thread catches up...)


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So, I really like this idea, and I'm surprised that people don't really get into it for enneagram, though it has massive potential :unsure: anyways, Ill honestly post a song & lyrics that resonated with me a long time ago, and hopefully will act like a catalyst to a booming thread >.<

This song can be the anthem of an unhealthy 7 struggling with a heavy 1 fix. I don't anyone truly knows, except @Animal how I felt like when my anxiety made me feel I was experiencing hell with every pleasure I let pass me through me. Plus my 4 heart? I was basically letting myself feel tormented. Nooooot a good mix.

Walk the path of Jesus, witness if Hell freezes
The mind teases reality, crack the pieces
Nothing eases; being chastise with blood baptize
Guys revise, acknowledge past lives
Statements will be made, acknowledge me
My mind is Heaven's gate so enter me
My mind is the gate to Hell, so try to flee
Both gates look the same, which will it be?
Demons scream from thought process
Enter semen, child born, stress
Body want to sleep but the mind can't rest
Measure pleasure through financial progress
When it come to currency, love is nonexistent
Foes multiply, friends become so distant
Some hope you die, backstab in an instant
Foes I despise, disguised as allies
To sabotage, camouflage
Loyalty is lies
To see God, look into my eyes
To see the Devil, then you look into my eyes
(As I rise from Hell's equator...)
okay, so :laughing: now that's over..

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I like this songs because even when they said that fourish people are melancholic and all the suffering stuff (that i have) my mind is always, constantly imagining things, my world is full of fantasy and meaningful situations, places and people, and I think life is magic, life is ecclectic and everything is beautiful.

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Something that resonates with me. I listened to this and I immediately wanted to cry because I've felt like this forever.

This is usually how I feel when I fail to become something I am not or I am trying to become someone else. Someone I think is better.

A song that reminds me of how I usually feel when in like.

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I like my sadistic side displayed more than my 4ness, but you can try "Apathy Is A Cold Body" by Poison the Well. Give it a go. It's like misery + delusion x (rebirth ÷ not really). I mean, I guess that's us. And it's catchy.


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oh man so much love for other hole fans / 'she walks on me', I feel you. 'malibu' is my personal favourite. ok.


Who's prison break is the most impressive?
I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go... Tim Robbins in Jacob's Ladder.
Such patience, such fervent poise but but wait a minute--
Shit, that's the wrong film.
Morgan Freeman would roll in his grave, if he were dead,
Which he nearly was if you believe the hysterical, gung-ho technicolour crapfest that is Sky News,
Or Murdoch Live,
Or whatever the hell the Devil calls himself.

I preferred him when he was red and blatant, that guy.
I liked him better when he swooped around the land indiscriminately,
Bending souls and wills with glee,
Hurrying kids to their graves in the sea,
Magnetically debasing the casts of the earth in a terrible, wonderful focus of horrors.
A justice of sorts if you listen to fools who have dressed in the dark for a bet.

I'm on a mercy mission to prove to my new love
That she is my nothing, that she is my no one!
That even these triumphs are nothing without her!
That even these triumphs are empty!

But anyway! Revel in it!
Be prayful when the conflict comes.
I can't stand still for the rest of my life--
But there's always lapsed Catholics!

I need a change of focus, a badge of honour,
A mark of progress, a rope to hang from.
To make a difference I need composure,
To make a difference, to make it.

But anyway! Revel in it!
Be prayful when the conflict comes.
I can't stand still for the rest of my life--
But there's always lapsed Catholics!

The trick is: don't start!
Be aware, be alert!
The truth is: no words are
Worthy to hang on her!

(Lapsed Catholics are the worst.)
(Give me something I can take away.)
The problem with these people is
They understand the obvious
The problem with these people is
They understand their vices not their faults.

(Lapsed Catholics are the worst. It's part of who they were. And who they'll be again.)
I feel this encapsulates 4 intimate type. There's a NEED to succeed and a sense of oblivion but even those are restructured in the face of a 'new love' - the success needs to be for her, the oblivion needs to be for her, she needs to be success, she needs to be oblivion. But actually it doesn't matter. But actually it does. But actually no one understands. There has to be a path, a purpose, a narrative, even if it's 'a rope to hang from'. And more.

And the ur, the Manics 'Faster'.


(I hate purity, I hate goodness, I don't want virtue to exist anywhere. I want everyone corrupt.)

They call me a butcher
They call me primitive
They call me perverted
Holding you but I only miss these things when they leave.

I am idiot drughive the virgin the tattered and the torn
Life is for the cold made warm and they are just lizards
Self disgust is self obsession honey and I do as I please
A morality obedient, only to the cleansed repented

I am stronger than Mensa, Miller and Mailer
I spat out Plath and Pinter
I am all the things that you regret
A truth that washes, that learned how to spell

The first time you see yourself naked you cry
Soft skin now acne foul breath so broken
He loves me truly this mute solitude I'm draining
I know I believe in nothing but it is my nothing

Sleep can't hide the thoughts splitting through my mind
Shadows aren't clean, false mirrors too many people awake
If you stand up like a nail then you will be knocked down
I've been too honest with myself I should have lied like everybody else

So damn easy to cave in.
Man kills everything.
There are lots of early Manics 4 songs and I'm pretty sure one of their lyricists (Richey Edwards) in that period was a 4, like many "tragic artist" stereotypes. The other (Nicky Wire) is a 7 maybe - similar in eccentricity but ultimately so different.

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Hiya 4s, forgive me butting into your thread, but I was just listening to this song and suddenly thought, "oh man, I wonder if the Type 4s have a 'Songs that remind you of 4s' thread"
Because seriously:
oh, StrawberryFields, I always claimed Across The Universe for us 9s! Nothing's gonna change OUR world! 

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I believe this idea of "theme songs" might be a typical thing you can to to reinforce a sense of identity, and it might be a typical type 4 behavior, especially if the song is rather melancholic. Also, it might be a thing that reinforces the identification with certain emotions. (Though this is just one small thing).

But these are, of course, just my instant thoughts on this subject and the way I'd use a theme song in this forum if I'd post one, and I might be wrong about what purpose this theme song thing fills for you. In that case, just ignore this.
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