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Steve Earle: Steve's Hammer (for Pete Seger):

(See youtube)

Eric Bogle - A Reason For It All - LIVE small gig (written by Bogle)

Rusted Root - Ecstasy with excellent video

(see youtube for video)

Buddy Guy with Angelique Kidjo - Voodoo Child from documentary Blues in a Bottle LIVE

(see youtube)

The Smothers Brothers LIVE - My Old Man skit and song combination

(Their show got canceled because of song/skits like this; they thought it was worth it, and really couldn't have done it any other way.)

Most of these songs are what some would call political; all of them are life-enhancing in the sense of truth telling, questioning status quo, taking a stand of one sort or another.

At my age, I have hundreds of "get it up" songs; here are just a few favorites.

I tried to copy/paste from the thread with all songs LIVE but for blogging I found out I could only choose one. Hard call, but I made it Eric Bogle's because of all the songs this is the kind of song to make anyone the least bit in touch with paradox do some thinking.
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