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Powerful intuitive experiences

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So I've had some really powerful intuitive experiences and I thought of sharing them with you because I wonder if you can relate to them or ever go through the same things.

There is this person in my life whom I feel spiritually and intuitively connected to, beyond all the logic and reason you could throw at me from this universe. It's still a connection I'm not used to, even for many years, but it's there nevertheless.

These past couple of days, from time to time, I've been feeling powerful waves of sadness and anger from him out of nowhere. It's not anger directed towards me, but I think it's anger directed towards himself. Yesterday/earlier today I was suddenly hit by a wave of thoughts, something like,'' I am sorry for what you have gone through. I am sorry for all the pains I inflicted in you.'' I can't explain but I was overcome by an unexplainable calmness when that happened. I was calm although I was worried at the same time, because he is someone I really care about.

Then, without warning, I felt a sadness so powerful and overwhelming, but I ''just knew'' those feelings weren't mine. I suddenly cried, and I couldn't stop the tears from flowing. It was weird, because I wasn't particularly sad at that time. I just felt like comforting him and so I metaphorically held his hand through my thoughts.

I feel that he is upset over finding about my depression, my studies and that I want to shut out the world for now. I feel that he wishes he can see me again and I feel that he is beating up on himself internally for everything that happened. I feel that he is going through sadness, loneliness, hopelessness for some time..I don't want to think about it. I usually like tapping into his energy, but for some reason I couldn't take this one so for less than an hour, I shut it out. I never felt a sadness that powerful from him before in my entire few years that I know of him. It makes me quite unstable. Maybe it's the time in life when he finally realizes, finds out about what I've gone through all along.

I'm sorry for being deep. I'm sorry, boy.

Anyway... nevermind that...

Also, I do read ''vibes'' that I get in this INFP forum. To be honest, I sense that a number of INFP's here have pure, warm and exploring lights. I feel that they are hidden strengths even when they talk about their dark sides. I feel that they find that this forum has helped them significantly with the issues that used to cause them depression. I sense a few friendships here that are very genuine, which surpass the whole superficial internet barriers. I sense people who seek to escape from the material superficialness of everyday life and try to find a deeper meaning, and they somehow just ''pick up'' this is the place to start.

I sense that from this forum, I will get quite close to a few INFP's who might change my life forever. They might change my life through providing unique insights I've never thought of before. I'm not sure if I've already talked to them, but I think I already have. I think they find me interesting, amusing and they probably secretly laugh at me behind the computer screens. So I might teach them something as well. I feel that through time, my connections with them will grow until it's time for us to find complete security in our next phases of life. Although we might never forget each other.

I'm sorry, I'm trying out being honest for once about how I really feel. I get a lot from ''these vibes.'' Sorry if it freaks anyone out..Am I correct or being weird? :blushed:
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I also sense that in here there are some people whose sadness are caused by being misunderstood. They feel that they are easily misunderstood for their intentions, for their thoughts and how they construct realities. Deep down inside, they know where they should stand, they resent people for not allowing them the capacity to be that way and there are paradoxes inside them. Each paradox is of being someone who wants to find a way to feel understood and who wants to just ''be'' in the glory of idealism for the sake of abandoning darkness.

But then again..:confused: Sometimes I wonder if I'm analyzing them or if I'm analyzing myself. It's hard to tell, we're too connected :crazy: Kind of like love. I wonder if I love INFP's for who they are or I'm just being selfish again by renewing a love in myself through them :crazy::crazy:
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I admire the honesty of your thoughts and your sentiments. It is very evident that you have a gift in connecting with the human heart...which is a great thing, because so many hearts are in need of healing and human empathy - I know mine is. I've found that when I genuinely reach out to others, I end up healing in the process. I think that God facillitates the restoration of the soul of both healer and healee through the spiritual acts of compassion and empathy.
I still feel insecure to be honest, I still wonder about the reality of my connections. Because I wonder if it's weird that I tend to analyze so deeply, that I often miss out on what seems 'obvious.'
That person's sadness overwhelmed me to the point I find it a little hard to function. I can't write it all down or else people might think that I'm totally insane or off somewhere that's not in this planet. I feel a bit hopeless, to be honest. I can't say anything at the moment, not even to him.
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For a couple of moments, I found it hard to breathe..I was picking up sadness from him again.

I feel a dull emptiness settle inside me, when I realize that you're the one who's important and that being away from you means feeling like I'm not belonging again, regardless of what I used to think. :sad:
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^ But do you think experiencing the intensity of other people's emotions even without them being physically present or anywhere near you is normal?:crazy:
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I have felt the presence of some warm, kind souls around here that's why I feel comfortable....
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Here you go Iz ^.^

I can really relate to this.
I feel overwhelmed by the sadness of my parents.... It's a double edged sword, intuition and empathy.
You see behind the surface (like a persons happy facade), and see behind it all (i.e. understand how unhappy they are).

I actually came across a survey my father did the other day when he had a psychological evaluation. I already "knew" he was depressed, but to see the form he filled out (which was the confirmation of how depressed he is), really really hurt.

But it's not for nothing when empathy and intuition inspire action.
Is it normal for most people to ''feel'' it even over long distance, without the need to be physically present?

I often shock myself a bit when I read vibes from other people over the internet - people I have never even met before! Or when I often detect changes about people I know over distance and space without the need of direct communication, and then find out that I was right!
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I've been through this also, many times, and for me, it is normal. Coming to this forum, I'm finding I'm not the only one - I used to think I was. Though not every INFP seems to have these connections with people, many do. I would like to learn more about it. I would love to know whose emotions I'm feeling - I feel my special one's emotions as my own (though not so much recently as she has asked me to stop, and we've not had much time together lately - I find that I miss it, and now our friendship seems empty, somehow) and also my husband's emotions. Probably other people's too, but I can't tell whose feelings belong to whom.
When do you usually experience it?

Have you ever experienced it even without direct communication with them or over very long distance (like a thousand miles plus away)

What were some of the symptoms when you felt their sadness?

For me, it's :
  • I suddenly feel like I need to breathe more slowly
  • A sudden heaviness in my heart - a sudden 'thud'
  • I suddenly envision the person with lost looking eyes
  • A sudden unexplained desire to comfort the person regardless of the circumstances
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I've been through this also, many times, and for me, it is normal. Coming to this forum, I'm finding I'm not the only one - I used to think I was. Though not every INFP seems to have these connections with people, many do. I would like to learn more about it. I would love to know whose emotions I'm feeling - I feel my special one's emotions as my own (though not so much recently as she has asked me to stop, and we've not had much time together lately - I find that I miss it, and now our friendship seems empty, somehow) and also my husband's emotions. Probably other people's too, but I can't tell whose feelings belong to whom.
I intuit that you are a person whose intensity appears in almost every outward expression you make - your facial expressions when you communicate with your loved ones, your clothes, when you sing about your dreams and the way you talk in heart to heart conversations with just about anybody.
You come across as overly eccentric to people because of your habits, and you often act as if you are unaware, but you realize it, you just don't care because you only continuously search for depth in your life. You search for depth in the smallest things; leaves, music, and the subtlest gestures of the people you love.

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Someone tell me if I'm normal! :crazy:
I tend to feel like my own emotions are fake, and the only real ones are inspired by others.

I really empathise with that sudden "thud", Izzie. It reminds me of the times I have witnessed my younger sister get hurt (I once watched her fall out of a racing cart) and it's like being punched in the stomach (that's where I feel it.. it's a cross between sickness and pain), and all you can think about is them; you are completely unconscious of yourself.
So it's normal that in the plane I suddenly cried although I felt the sadness wasn't mine?
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I've been spontaneous and seemingly so self reassured when I read the energies/vibes of people on this forum..I might as well be the same when it comes to reading his, which is supposed to be more powerful as I know him..

I sense that he secretly feels like he does not belong and it has been a recent source of frustration for him. I sense that he has somehow detected that I will change a lot and it makes him wonder if he cannot fit in with my new world/if we will lose each other. I sense some aspect of guilt and regret that he has kept to himself, that he feels extreme sadness for only realizing about my depression lately. He feels that he has not been there for me enough to see what I have truly gone through, and recently he becomes angrier at himself than he is angry at me. I sense that he is lost, because he is feeling lost connections with almost everyone in his life. On a deeper level, I sense that he is the saddest because he hasn't been able to connect with me like he initially wanted to/like how things were once idealized by both of us. I sense that he is afraid he might lose it that he cannot see me. Honestly, it's mostly sadness and hopelessness that is overwhelming me lately, and it doesn't help that I'm also sad over not being able to see him in person.

I know I sound weird, but I really don't care anymore okay.
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And it's most likely that his sadness will overwhelm me a little a few months.. I know it's real, thank goodness I have creative outlets, I can cry and I have medication
''Statistics in the humanities: how sorry do I feel for these blind people who completely lack vision or intuition, the sole justified basis for true science (scire, scientia).''

Source: Rico Sneller some truths
Some of the most successful people had nothing to go on but a feeling…and look where it got them
“Faith is a passionate intuition.”
~William Wordsworth

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself.”
~Alan Alda

(From my blog)

My heart feels unexplainably alive when I research about how one's intuition, creativity and imagination can lead to a richer individual, inner self growth.

I really like reading certain John Keats quotes

What the imagination seizes as beauty must be truth.
John Keats

I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart's affections, and the truth of imagination.
John Keats

I think it takes guts and an openness to see things that way. Between the imagination and reality, there can be some personal connections and reflections which subtle meanings one shouldn't miss, and I don't even have to explain them in what might be referred to as the normal terms of the human language.

I think it just takes an even higher intellect to acknowledge the power within us. The power to be reasonable and creative at the same time.

It takes courage to know that we deserve to know what we need to know, to believe that there is more beauty within us than life chooses to let us just see and to believe that our dreams can be some of the most amazing things to live for.

I think intuition and idealism, that are genuine at the core, usually come with the ,''you'll do the right thing'' or ''you are right'' feelings. It's not being irrational or diving into doubts without using your mind (repeated patterns of negative emotions/ thoughts or selfishness are rarely driven by intuition and idealism!). It is supposed to lead you to strength and independence.
Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.- Steve Jobs
I love intuition. I love when it's connected to my voice of passion, when it saves my life and when it gives me exciting visions, honestly!
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