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I sense people who seek to escape from the material superficialness of everyday life and try to find a deeper meaning, and they somehow just ''pick up'' this is the place to start.
This is true, for me at least. And I get the feeling that others are here for the same reason, too.

After all, we're mostly INFPs, in this forum at least, and isn't that the sort of thing we're drawn to do? :proud:

I don't know about your connection with this other person, but I've definitely tuned into other people's emotions before, and it always causes a strong reaction (from both me and the other person, if I tell them). I wonder why this happens, is it always true intuition or is it sometimes our subconscious feelings about a person rising to the surface? There have been times I have known without a doubt that my feelings were correct (and verified this), but about others I'm unsure.

Intuition is an interesting thing.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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