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Powerful intuitive experiences

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So I've had some really powerful intuitive experiences and I thought of sharing them with you because I wonder if you can relate to them or ever go through the same things.

There is this person in my life whom I feel spiritually and intuitively connected to, beyond all the logic and reason you could throw at me from this universe. It's still a connection I'm not used to, even for many years, but it's there nevertheless.

These past couple of days, from time to time, I've been feeling powerful waves of sadness and anger from him out of nowhere. It's not anger directed towards me, but I think it's anger directed towards himself. Yesterday/earlier today I was suddenly hit by a wave of thoughts, something like,'' I am sorry for what you have gone through. I am sorry for all the pains I inflicted in you.'' I can't explain but I was overcome by an unexplainable calmness when that happened. I was calm although I was worried at the same time, because he is someone I really care about.

Then, without warning, I felt a sadness so powerful and overwhelming, but I ''just knew'' those feelings weren't mine. I suddenly cried, and I couldn't stop the tears from flowing. It was weird, because I wasn't particularly sad at that time. I just felt like comforting him and so I metaphorically held his hand through my thoughts.

I feel that he is upset over finding about my depression, my studies and that I want to shut out the world for now. I feel that he wishes he can see me again and I feel that he is beating up on himself internally for everything that happened. I feel that he is going through sadness, loneliness, hopelessness for some time..I don't want to think about it. I usually like tapping into his energy, but for some reason I couldn't take this one so for less than an hour, I shut it out. I never felt a sadness that powerful from him before in my entire few years that I know of him. It makes me quite unstable. Maybe it's the time in life when he finally realizes, finds out about what I've gone through all along.

I'm sorry for being deep. I'm sorry, boy.

Anyway... nevermind that...

Also, I do read ''vibes'' that I get in this INFP forum. To be honest, I sense that a number of INFP's here have pure, warm and exploring lights. I feel that they are hidden strengths even when they talk about their dark sides. I feel that they find that this forum has helped them significantly with the issues that used to cause them depression. I sense a few friendships here that are very genuine, which surpass the whole superficial internet barriers. I sense people who seek to escape from the material superficialness of everyday life and try to find a deeper meaning, and they somehow just ''pick up'' this is the place to start.

I sense that from this forum, I will get quite close to a few INFP's who might change my life forever. They might change my life through providing unique insights I've never thought of before. I'm not sure if I've already talked to them, but I think I already have. I think they find me interesting, amusing and they probably secretly laugh at me behind the computer screens. So I might teach them something as well. I feel that through time, my connections with them will grow until it's time for us to find complete security in our next phases of life. Although we might never forget each other.

I'm sorry, I'm trying out being honest for once about how I really feel. I get a lot from ''these vibes.'' Sorry if it freaks anyone out..Am I correct or being weird? :blushed:
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I've been through this also, many times, and for me, it is normal. Coming to this forum, I'm finding I'm not the only one - I used to think I was. Though not every INFP seems to have these connections with people, many do. I would like to learn more about it. I would love to know whose emotions I'm feeling - I feel my special one's emotions as my own (though not so much recently as she has asked me to stop, and we've not had much time together lately - I find that I miss it, and now our friendship seems empty, somehow) and also my husband's emotions. Probably other people's too, but I can't tell whose feelings belong to whom.
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When do you usually experience it?

Have you ever experienced it even without direct communication with them or over very long distance (like a thousand miles plus away)

What were some of the symptoms when you felt their sadness?

For me, it's :
  • I suddenly feel like I need to breathe more slowly
  • A sudden heaviness in my heart - a sudden 'thud'
  • I suddenly envision the person with lost looking eyes
  • A sudden unexplained desire to comfort the person regardless of the circumstances
My special one was going through a REALLY rough time about two years ago. She didn't tell me. This was only about fifteen miles away. We weren't close at that time. Well, I felt close to her, but she didn't feel anything for me (I think she still doesn't, but that's not the point). It was late in the evening, as I was getting ready for bed. I just felt a heavy, heavy depression. I sat on my bed and cried and cried. I couldn't sleep, in the morning I couldn't get out of bed. I couldn't eat, couldn't concentrate on anything. Just as if it was my own depression. I had no idea it was related to my special one. I had no idea what the problem could have been. It was only the next day when she called me and told me what had happened. I still felt the deep sorrow, but I could tell then that it was hers and not mine. I felt it for a few weeks, but I knew it was hers. I longed to hold her, comfort her, cry with her. But I didn't have that opportunity. That kind of thing happened with her a lot until she asked me to stop.

With my husband, I also feel his emotions as my own. His aren't usually very intense, though, maybe because he's a thinker, maybe because he's a guy. I feel his emotions almost constantly, even when he travels abroad, as he often does with his job. We will be on opposite sides of this planet, and I'll get angry for no reason. Later he'll complain to me about this jerk who... whatever. But in the mean time, I'll have a really short temper (which I don't usually have), and I won't know why, until he tells me. Lately, I've just decided that when I'm sad, angry, depressed - any negative emotion, then I'll just blame it on somebody else and get on with my life. :tongue:

Yeah, I get the sudden thud, and I do long to comfort the person, but I can't envision who it is. Not until they tell me.
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I intuit that you are a person whose intensity appears in almost every outward expression you make - your facial expressions when you communicate with your loved ones, your clothes, when you sing about your dreams and the way you talk in heart to heart conversations with just about anybody.
You come across as overly eccentric to people because of your habits, and you often act as if you are unaware, but you realize it, you just don't care because you only continuously search for depth in your life. You search for depth in the smallest things; leaves, music, and the subtlest gestures of the people you love.

Most of this is correct, I think. I don't have heart-to-heart conversations with people. They talk, I listen. That's how it goes for me irl. But people will bare their souls to me, and I will speak a few words occasionally, letting them know I accept them for who they are, things like that. The rest is spot on!

And, if you want to be normal, I'm reminded of a quote from Yzma from "The Emperor's New Groove": "You should have thought of that before you became peasants!" You should have thought of that, before you became INFP! (Like we have a choice :tongue:) For an INFP, I think you are normal. But most INFPs are not "normal" to the rest of the world's population...
What is normal? Normal is relative. I totally relate to what you're saying, so to me, you are normal and those who don't feel others' emotions are not normal... :wink:
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