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Things real people look at > mechanical tests :v

1. What drives you in life? What do you look for?

I guess I could say I'm on a quest for meaning and for love. I try my best to do what is "good," to the point where certain things I deem not so bother me to the core. <-<

2. What do you hope to accomplish in your life?

I just want to be happy. If I can find something I love doing that helps people, and find someone to love and support, I'll consider my life a success.

3. What do you hope to avoid doing or being? What values are important to you?

I don't like being bothersome and annoying, to a fault. I'd rather not say anything than hurt someone with what I say. Usually.

4. What are your biggest fears (not including phobias)? Why?

My biggest fear is that one day, everyone around me will realize there's nothing really redeeming about me, and see me the way I see myself at my worst. That's kind of emo-sounding actually, but I suppose it's the best way to word it.

5. How do you want others to see you? How do you see yourself?

In an ideal world, I'd want to be seen as a cute, kind, easygoing, and smart person. How I see myself depends on my mood, and fluctuates between the above and a weak, empty person who clings to people too much and has no identity of his own.

6. What makes you feel your best? What makes you feel your worst?

Moments of closeness and acceptance between myself and others, I suppose, makes me feel best.
Failure and feeling like I've not lived up to how people "should be" make me feel my worst.

7. Describe how you experience each of: a) anger; b) shame; c) anxiety.

Anger: If I'm frustrated, I'll usually try to keep it to myself, but I sort of look for chances to complain to someone and vent off steam. Nothing usually progresses past there if anyone's around because I try to remove myself from the situation and boil until it passes.
Shame: I try to make myself as quiet and unnoticeable as possible, and it's hard to keep me from silently beating myself up about whatever brought on the emotion without again removing myself and sulking for some time.
Anxiety: I try to relax and logically convince myself that worrying about whatever will not change the outcome and carrying that emotion will do nothing positive for me.

8. Describe how you respond to each of: a) stress; b) unexpected change; c) conflict.

Stress: Again, I try to remove myself from whatever situation is causing it at the earliest, easiest chance. I usually get snappy, and say things I wouldn't normally say, sometimes not even really making sense.
Unexpected change: If something is planned, I don't like when the plan changes. I just deal with it and try not to complain, though.
Conflict: I constantly try to make compromises to make everyone involved happy, and if the conflict escalates anyway, at a certain point that kicks into overdrive and I just do or say whatever I can to stop the conflict.

9. Describe your orientation to: a) authority; b) power. How do you respond to these?

I don't like having authority, and I don't like having power. If I'm put in a position of authority or power over people, I'm incredibly uneasy with it and really hesitant to actually exercise it.

10. What is your overall outlook on life and humanity?

Life and people are incredibly beautiful in the way they keep pushing past what people think is the top. Humanity's speed in progressing and learning is amazing and I honestly think people are genuinely good at heart. 'Evil' stems almost entirely from hurt and broken people.

...Someone please tell me all of that doesn't sound as bad as I think it does looking over this. x:

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I actually see not just Two, but One definitely as well. I have to say that Two didn't occur to me at all, really. Well, anyway, here's an epic site. Tell me what you think about types Two, One, Three, Six, and Nine? XD Well, tell me what types you find yourself resonating with and why.

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