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(this is days on weekends)
Wake up, eat the same healthy boring food.
Turn on the switches for the chargers of my laptop take two vitamins pills
set up table for studying and assignments
get urges to go on youtube and facebook (resist the urges most of the time telling myself that neuroplasticity will slowly help me)
open a document and do self CBT so that i stay stable emotionally
whiel doing work a song comes into my head that i want to check on youtube i resist the urge (neuroplasticity contribution) and go back to studying
i think about how deprived i am of social interaction and how i should get more thought provoking friends because my current friends are boring and talk about shallow topics
i go back to studyig
i stare out into space thinking about the girl i like and if only she would notice me and we could live a life together, she can also be a source of social interaction because isolation sucks for entps,
go back to studying

is this pretty standard? how can i improve my life?

- jonathan

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