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The Price of knowledge
Innocent like a child you go,
with light steps on fields of grass.
Your face is caressed by warming sunshine
before you heard the whispers of the Snake

Like in trance you listen to his silken words,
you fall for his temptations as you pluck the apple from the tree.
Without a doubt you take a bite,
because you listen to the whispers of the Snake

Clouds covers the sky but the crown you carry,
shines brighter than the sun and all stars combined.
With pride you watch the world around you.
O human, do you feel the poison in your heart?

In the darkness that covers your sight, your mind and your soul,
You walk with crooked back and heavy steps in hope of salvation.
Like a shed skin you leave your old self behind.
You have changed and you are not the one you were before.
You now bitterly regret that you listened to the whispers of the Snake

REJOICE human, you understand at last
You have become an adult
You have become a monster
You have become someone like me!

Originally a school project but it turned out to be something more than simply duty.
Also, bear in mind that this is a translated work, and probably doesn't sound as smooth as in the original language.
btw:I'm not very religious. The religious symbols are there due to the requirements we had to fulfill to get passed (and i liked the mood it created).
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