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Yes, i know a lot of types get the bias, the attacks, the whatever. But seriously, those people need to know to judge people, not types.

Because i am ESFJ and i know this type better than other types, i'm speaking for us. Look at the title, and think about the book - Pride and Prejudice. Pride brings you prejudice, and prejudice brings you more pride. Being proud makes you prejudiced, being prejudiced makes you more proud. Same difference.

No need to worry - i started off thinking the same stuff. Because of these reasons...

  1. My best friend left and i felt lonely so i withdrew into my mind
  2. MBTI makes the N trait sound like some sort of genius, SPECIAL thing
  3. My parents attacked me for being emotionally "weak", so i made myself be logical
  4. I was in my rebellious phase, so i refrained against all rules and organization
...i tested as INTP, and i believed this was the "best" type because it was what i believed to be my type. Sensors seemed "narrow-minded" to me, Feelers seemed "emotionally weak" like my parents said, and Judgers seemed...well, the word says Judging, so i thought they were "judgmental".

Pride and prejudice, people. We all go through some form of it. Don't sweat it.

Guys, we ESFJs aren't all that bossy, or inflexible, or whatever. In fact, i don't do traditions because of the environment i grew up in, and i change my mind too much because people influence me easily. (Yeah, i am naive, i realize that, you don't have to tell me. I'm also 13, so stop criticizing someone this young and grow up yourself, haters.)

It's about the person, not the type. Types are basically preferences of thinking methods. They help us understand our thinking processes and what can help us improve, they're not supposed to make us more proud, or more prejudiced.

You guys can comment all you want, but i'm not here for a debate in case some hater comes and starts hating on random types just because they're a jerk. If you disagree, please be reasonable and present yourself and your arguments in a civilized manner.

To be honest, i'm not the best person. But you can't say that all ESFJs are like that just because of me. You can't assume every ESFJ in the world is [insert stupid and arrogant ESFJ stereotype] because of a few ESFJs you know. People have different lives, different values, different personalities, different everything.

So next time you judge, think twice.

I'm warning you :crazy::wink:


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