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Greetings! I am the not-so-elusive-on-the-interweb female INTJ - at least, that's what I consistently test as, and the descriptions seem mostly right. Like most of my ilk, I prefer to be around other NTs, or at least N-something, but I seem to have a slightly higher tolerance for the types that usually send INTJs screaming into their own brains. Just yesterday I found one of my friends is a ESFJ and it was appropriate. I'm played around with the Enneagram tests just recently and was somewhat divided between Type 5 and 6.

My least INTJ trait: when upset, I have a tendency to burst into tears. Frequently, I don't think the situation warrants it, which tends to make me more upset at my body doing something stupid, which doesn't help.

Besides femalegamer, I can be found out on the web as Krilia. I'm originally from Michigan, but currently reside in Indiana. Despite living here for eleven years, I refuse to call myself a Hoosier. :) I'm a computer programmer at a defense contractor (I make things blow up for a living) and I'm happily married to an ENTP who used to be a programmer, then a small business owner, who is now a full time law student. We have two cats.

I'm a 33-year-old geek. I play roleplaying games (tabletop and LARP), computer games (MMORPGs, turn based strategy, RTS, CRPG...), collect comic books, read voraciously and sew and knit my own clothes in my medieval group. I spin my own yarn and do embroidery, as well as medieval cooking, though not so much with the modern cooking.

I'm fairly carnivorous - I have issues with the texture of many vegetables. I collect weird stuffed animals (should have seen me when I got my narwhal), and my favorite movies include The Last Unicorn, Edward Scissorhands and Clue. Today. I have a button that says "I don't need a speed reading course, I need a speed bookcase building course". My favorite authors include Jim Butcher, Roger Zelazny and Lois McMaster Bujold.

I'm here because the more I read about personality types, the more accurate they seem. (With, naturally, some deviations for individuals, because we are All Individuals.) It's also great to read things that make my idiosyncrasies less odd. We all Just Want to Be Understood, right? ;)

That seems like a decent disgorgement of information, including more than you probably wanted to know.

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