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Hey all,

Bring all of your related relationship problems here.

So I've been seeing this wonderful ISTP. I missed him all summer at my summer job because I didn't see him during that time, and when I got back we got close. Freaked out when I realize I love him, but thankfully he feels the same. We're not dating, but have been doing everything together for the past few weeks. He's intelligent, ambitious, caring, and reserved. I learned so much from him. But now I'm getting bored and loving him becomes a conscious decision - no more butterflies.

I tend to get bored with guys quickly as soon as they run out of things to challenge me with or learn from. Sometimes I consciously decide to still care, but most of the times I just don't care anymore. Most people are deceived by my gregariousness and petite physical size, only to realize later they can't handle me, can't keep up, and can't tell me what to do (I just gave my ISTP the privilege of doing this btw). Any ENTJ has this?

Tell us YOUR story
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