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In the mind,
Your eyes,
In your eyes,
Your reality,
In your reality,
Your life,
What you feel,
What guides you,

In the eyes of danger,
Where would your skills-
Bring you?

How do you live,
How do you,
See a living,
Turning to life,
Springing open,
Your mind,
It opens.

With a single perception,
Can be the gate,
To more strength.

As the holder of a knife,
Comes at you,
What would you do?

I know I would,
First see the feelings in their eyes,
To find exactly how they lack fear,
Or how much fear they have,
And take that moment,
To see how to take them down.

How do you defend yourself?

To those of immaturity,
The eyes..
Your eyes,
What slows you down-
What breaks you down?
What lifts your spirits,
Really lifts your spirits,
In truth?

Did you know that,
It can take a few belief changes,
To find your way,
Out of that immaturity?

The gates of your mind,
The maze,
The puzzle,
That fits to you.

Are you just simply afraid,
To change?

I know people,
I believe they are-
Strong minded,
So strong minded,
That they can take the truth,
And effectively work with it,
Sometimes instantly,
These are the people,
The people I let in.

It is in fact your own truth,
There's a core opening,
To make you love yourself.

Never tell yourself,
Change cannot become,
For you will then,
Not seek change.

Fighting from the insides.

You know you must,
Open up your mind,
To see what you can become,
What you can.. be.

The moment comes,
Look at what you've,
In a week from now.

Powerful it may be,
Though for some,
Who only believe in their own truths,
Or their closest friends,
There are those,
Who cannot trust books,
They have to see,
And they are not fools,
For not being gullible.

I'm a suspicious person,
I've been gullible to people,
Usually hoping they didn't have,
Bad intentions.
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