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I return to what I didn't see,
I try to keep my mind,

Until I am ready,
Ready for certain truths,
For if I am not ready-
I will not take it in properly,
This information that some,
Will never let in.

For imagination,
Can simply be opinion,
But fact,
Well fact comes,
When enough people,
Agree on a reality,
Some beliefs,
Become strongly valued,
And start to look so real,
So real to me.

Is it really,

I could die being wrong-
About everything I believe.

Isn't that a little..

No matter though,
I see consistencies in personality,
What makes you who you are,
And I see,
What people can become,
And it is beautiful.

This is where,
Your ambitions,

What makes you tick?

What brings joy to you,
The most?

For me,
I love the growth,
Of people-
To see self love,
With an open mind.

I may seem naive-
But there are plenty,
Of people that I know,
That really try.

Self love isn't,
Something to throw around,
In words,
And say you do,
It's something to be,
Truly contemplated.

For nobody can self love,
Everything about themselves,
Until they accept,
What they work on,

I have some,
Who call me Fable,
And it is actually,

It's all really just,
Theory in the end,
Through this,
I feel like,
Like a fable,
As my mind,
Cannot be read-
And there are many times,
I just cannot say,
What it is I am perceiving,
Through mental barrier,
And I try.

It keeps me,
Opening my eyes,
That everyone,
Has their own realities-
Of what the world,
Should be.

I find it fun to ask,
Can you put your vision,
In one sentence?

Through theory though,
Comes learning,
And it seems,
It all comes back to,

Do you accept,
The things that you,
Believe you must work on,
Inside of yourself,
Who you are?

It is constant growth,
Remember to-
Lessen your worries,
To do the things,
You love,
To find happiness,
In the end.

You will die peacefully this way.

I know that,
Most people-
They don't let themselves,
Think about,
When they might die.


Through my values,
I simply hope,
Ignorance will lessen,
In this world.

Through this,
Comes a happy place,
Happy Gilmore.

What's your happy place?


I do not recommend,
Rushing through reading,
But thinking through each,
Until you've learned something,
From each formation,
Where each passage ends.
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