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Haha I think you're over-estimating us, asking INTJs tips about making small talk is like asking a man with no legs to train you for the marathon!

More seriously, I've been training myself in this area lately, here's a few things I try to do :

-If I ask someone a question I give my own POV after listening their, or try to bounce off of their answer with another question or comments about it. In the reverse situation, if they ask me a question I return it to them after answering. (I guess it sounds obvious for more socially-skilled people, but as for me I need to consciously think about doing it)

-If I know they're interested in this or that I sometimes start conversations about it. If you're at work/school it's easier, just bring to the table the latest subject/event, like the last class you had together or the current project you're working on etc.

-Just ask them how they are today and how things are going for them, but not in the usual mindless way "Hi how are you - fine and you -yeah me too- ok see ya", show that you do expect an honest answer and are genuinely willing to listen to them. People never say it but they're usually more than happy to be asked. From this point go to tip n°1.

-When I talk I try to avoid sounding like a teacher giving a lecture, I formulate my sentences in a way indicating that I'm open to suggestions and different opinions.

There's probably a few more minor things but that's all I can think of right now.
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