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So I need your help. This will be a project... and I need you INTJs help. a LOT...
I think we're close enough to relate, but you guys have probably rationally thought this out or maybe you guys can give me logical tips on how to adjust this? I notice that in INFJ threads, I usually get a lot of people that relate or tell me to be "interested" in someone, but it doesn't really help... I'm interested and I gaze a lot instead, blah, so help me with ideas for conversational banter?THANKS SO MUCH. :laughing:
The weather. Something that attracts your attention in the surroundings (art object, poster, person acting strangely....). Whatever you have in common with the person. Something they are wearing. Something in the news headlines. Don't get overwhelmed but try to find a thread in what they say that could lead into another thing.
Example: weather-->discussion on climate change. What do they think? Then a cool rare new species that was discovered. From there, what's their favorite animal. etc. Just have a few scripts and connections between them in mind to keep the flow a bit smoother, maybe. Include some self-disclosure but don't overwhelm them with it. If you find people more interesting when they are talking about ideas or concepts, try to guide the conversation into salon mode...
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