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Hello, you may not know me very well, but I've been thinking about what really can bring not only INFJs down but any type. And I think it's a lack of love from others and the lack of the idea of love as a whole. Not an (overly) sentimental, mushy kind of love, but real, accepting love.

I think that humans deserve to come to know how unique we each really are (which is one of the reasons I really enjoy Myers Briggs and PerC, in general). I strongly believe that our identities do not hinge on those we are with simply because we reside with them. We're not our friends, siblings, parents, bullies at school, those who abuse us, or those who hate or reject us. I am myself, and myself is that of something bigger than me. I attribute this to love "with grit." To truly love, I think, is to love the unlovable. Even those we condemn. I'm writing this this because I believe love creates joy where there is none. That to me is a paradox that brings dignity to all life. It creates peace and joy, and it, personally, inspires me to act on that which has overwhelmed me my entire life..

At the end of the day, I simply believe that we're all capable of so much, I think, and I don't want anyone to be bitter, heartbroken, or afraid because of somebody else or plain old simple life without love... If it means anything, coming from some guy named chad on the internet- know that you're loved... by me! You can always contact me (or I'm sure many others here on PerC) for anything. I may be busy with summer work or other smaller things, but I will make time!

Just a small PSA. Keep on keepin' on... :crazy:
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