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Psychology of time as you age

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How has your experiences with the passage of time changed as you aged? I see the phenomenon as a function of information gain. Every new day for a child is filled with the unknown that must be assimilated rather than reduced to similar experiences/concepts. This so called "spark of life" or authenticity to experience is what slows down the passage to time; conversely, routine accelerates this pace as little information is gained (e.g. dreams aside, losing and regaining consciousness during sleep is a massive acceleration in time).

So the second question is, how does one keep life afresh as one ages? Jung speaks of individuation through the inferior function which is consistent with the idea that it forms a new basis of information that the ego has rejected upto this point. So, penny for your thoughts?
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Yea, it's why mid-life is commonly a time for revaluation and even a reversal of old habits and a way of life. The monotony of time is experienced as an existential angst from having exhausted the information lens of the dominant and auxiliary functions. I suppose the only way to get out of this trap is to take a risk and lose a limb or two.
l have noticed that the more l think about this, the more l want to present and less future oriented.
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This is quite true as there's no time for self-reflection whilst living in the moment/experience. e.g. When I run, I can either make the run seem shorter by zoning out and thinking about work, or I can force myself to turn my attention to form/breathing if I raise the trendmill speed; this seems to stretch out the experience of running by a long shot if I have to work/suffer for it. Perhaps the key is to pay one's undivided attention to whatever he/she's doing at the moment.
If you focus on the goal, you'll miss the journey.

If you focus on seeing life through the eyes of others (MBTI, Jung, whatever crap you wanna insert here), you'll miss learning about your own self. At the same time, if you focus on learning about others through a specific lens, you'll miss learning about them as individuals, which is where the real relationships lie.

That wraps up that. We don't become dull by becoming older. We make ourselves dull by never living in the moment.
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