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All my punk shirts disintegrated. I have a Rancid one from a gig about 10 years ago....does that count?

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I do the punk rock thing pretty hardcore. I've called myself
a 'punk rocker' a few times, as if to 'explain'. But I'm so
punk rock, I don't even want to be called punk rock- cuz
then I'm enslaved by punk rock (yes I'm half joking- but only

Every ounce of my being rebels when I say I'm anything.
Besides, as soon as I say, "I'm a punk rocker," there's
going to be that push to explain what makes a punk
rocker. Which is a set-up, because no one knows, really.
Everybody seems to be pretty sure it has something to
do with clothes and music- but what clothes and what
music are under debate. Plus, it seems to be agreed that
you have to have a somewhat 'punk' lifestyle- but no one
is sure if that means you have to be violent or obnoxious,
violent and obnoxious, or just a non-conformist who could
be growing vegetables and wearing a sweater.

Plus, if it's 'cool' only young people can do it- in the minds
of most. So as long as punk rock is still cool (and it seems
to have become 'cool' again, if it ever stopped being cool, I
can't be sure)- if you are older than 28, you can't 'be' it
anymore. Coolness is off limits for 28 plus.

I saw a post on The X-Ray Spex video of "Poseur" on YouTube
and read, "This was my mums favourite song in the 1970s when
she was a punk rocker." I thought to myself: "Why isn't she
a punk rocker anymore?" Take a guess, folks. It's cuz she's

Anyway...perhaps punk would be proud to be dead.

I was going to put up the X-Ray Spex "Poseur" in reference to the comment I
mentioned, but "Plastic Bag" is my favorite X-Ray Spex song, so I posted that

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I was in the awkward timeframe when punk phased out and goth was beginning. Girls didn't shave their whole head, they shaved half down to the base of the neck (maybe some above the ears as well.) It was an odd look. I remember my mother telling me she didn't want me to shave my hair, little did she know I already did. I hid it well until she barged into the bathroom one morning when my hair was up in curlers (this was the only way to achieve that silky smooth hair since flat irons weren't in the picture yet.) lol I was never hardcore, but I loved my Monkey Boots. I still have them. :D
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