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Puzzling INFP/ INTJ almost-relationship. Calling INTJ advice!

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INFP here. So here's the deal:

I'm an INFP 11th grade
He's an INTJ senior
We go to a private classical school.


I like this INTJ. A lot. I had had conflicting feelings (I know, i know, feelings.) on whether to actually admit this for about a year. We were in a drama class together last year (fall-winter 2013) when towards the end of the class he starts to message me out of the blue. He makes contact about three times with an appropriate amount of time between each conversation (Distant, but not too much so). Around march it was time for our separate class trips. But both our classes were taking the same train, and we sat across from each other and talked the whole time. (We played Apples to apples, and I won, mind you. There it was revealed that we have very similar humor) Then AFTER the trips were over, the MOMENT I got back on social media he asks me how the trip was. We then proceeded into a long, banter filled conversation. From then we started talking more on social media (main media would be Facebook; I know, ugh.) and he was almost ALWAYS the one initiating the conversation. That spring I went to his track meet (under the pretense that I finally had time to go to a school event). I later told him that it was fun, and would like to be able to come to more. After that, he never failed to tell me when the next meet was and if he was running in it. Then conversations got to be more lengthy and frequent, but never back to back. Then came the school dance (imagine a fancy soiree with assigned seating and assigned dancing partners; aka cotillion). So, mysteriously, we got seated next to each other. We talked amongst the bigger group of the table, but talked specifically to each other as well. Then, at the free dance, he found ME and asked me to dance. Now, it seems obvious that he likes me. But then it was an enigma.

Things go on like this, and I confined in my friend. Her boyfriend is my INTJs best friend, and so it got around that I was confused.

He then sent me this (pre-prepared):

Him: Do you want the spiel?

Me: What?

Him: I will take that as a yes

Me: Ok

Him: It has recently come to my attention that you wish to ascertain my allegiance in the realm of love and whether or not such allegiance belongs to you, so in an effort to maintain perfect honesty between us, I must respond with a hesitant yes, yes because I like you, hesitant because at this current moments I am not interested in a girlfriend. Thus the coin has two sides, though I would very much like to get to know you better and to see you more, because I do like you and I do think you are worth getting to know. Something may or may not happen in the future between us, but it will not be in the immediate.

And we then continued in the same fashion throughout the summer, and into this school year.

Just wondering if any INTJ could give me insight into where he might be at this moment in his thoughts? Or do I just need to be patient. I would really like to go out on dates with this guy...
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Well, I'm also liking an INTJ.
What everyone tells me is to have patience. She seem like she likes me but I also feel she wouldn't accept me if I told her about it. That's because she need to trust me more to make sure the relationship will go well. That's what I found out
This is very true. INTJs generally wants to build trust first before starting a relationship. I rejected a guy (straight in his face) despite him arranging a romantic session as he confessed. It's not that I didn't like him, if he waited longer, he could have made it. xD
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