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excluding levels of health, the fact that most people will be found in a nice middle-ground between the two, and the fact that it will most likely manifest differently in everyone, i think the best way to illustrate it is to give a general (but concentrated [see: without taking the above into account]) view.

each variation--phobic and counter-phobic--is really a way of escaping fear, and each form is just a form of running, a way to hold onto the orientation that was once our saving grace.

(as i understand it)

phobic: the eventual outcome will be something that i can't deal with, so i'd rather comply and align myself to the levels of energy in my current surrounding--as stepping outside of them will bring about a threat is greater than my capabilities (or sometimes, i think it can be that the phobic 6 is really afraid of what will happen because they are aware that they're repressed reactions will be "greater"/uncalled for in the current situation).

counter-phobic: may appear similar to an 8 at times; seems reactive and confrontational, maybe even reckless (in pronounced forms). senses those energies in the room, and fears submitting, not because submission is so unappealing, but because a loss of self will ensue--the fear and reaction may resemble a fight against being enveloped by what is seen as unnecessary and oppressive forces.

whereas the phobic will be more inclined to "maintain the peace" in order to save their place/themselves/loved ones in the current environment, the counter-phobic sees compliance as the potential "death" of what is important (themselves/loved ones).

it's almost like each is really trying to do the same thing, but one allows envelopment, while the other digs their feet in against it.
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