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Hi guys :)
Another article I'm writing for a local Colorado magazine is about men (ages 18-45) who prefer to live with multiple roommates. If you would like to contribute to my article and help me understand better the "frat" life style, I would really appreciate it! Please include your first name and age when you respond. What to think about when answering: how many current roommates do you or have you lived with? More than one? If just one, why is that preferable? If more than one, what are the pros and cons of that living situation? Does it ever affect your dating life to have more than one roommate at home? Do you think it helps you prepare better for living on your own eventually or does it hold you back from striking out as a one man show? Do you think there's a certain age limit when it's no longer appropriate for a guy to have roommates? Anything you can think of that is relevant would be so great :) I'm excited to hear what you all have to say :) Thank you!!
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