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This test is not accurate at all...
I scored as 100% Ne in this test while being S-dom/N-inf.
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Especially the way it describes Ne and Si is terrible. It speaks of Ne as forgetful and careless, and Si as closed-minded traditionalist. That's wrong. Ne is the function to perceive things from multiple perspectives, and Si is the function to compare the present with personal experience.
It has many questions that are not related to cognitive functions.

Some of the questions on this test score multiple functions – also Ne and Ni, of course – at the same time.
In fact, the test is inaccurate in the first place and should not be relied upon too much.

The difference between Ni and Ne is; Ni has a single focus. When you reach one definite conclusion, it is Ni. In contrast, Ne expands possibilities. When things unfold in all directions, it's Ne.

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Do you guys know if this cognitive functions test is accurate? Perhaps if the test is known to confuse Ne for Ni? I was under the impression that as an ENFP, my Ne should be higher…?
I find it highly inaccurate, besides, we can be good at cognitive functions that are not part of our core type. The functions associated with our core type are our preferred functions, not always the ones we're best at. They are the ones we've gotten consistent results with since we were very little.
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