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After wandering about on the internet for a while searching for any detailed descriptions on the 369 tritype I still couldn't find any other descriptions about the 369 type than the one here on personalitycafe. -This one:
369 Mediator Archetype


She said this is the type most likely to be able to be the chameleon and will be able to adjust themselves according to whomever they are around. Having the 3 relating types and the 3 primary types they can have the most difficulty pinpointing not only their tritype but their dominant strategy. She said they will almost always think they are 3s, because they will value success and will be inclined to adjust to fit a given situation. She said they need to stay engaged and have harmony to feel happy which is what causes the constant adjustment.

They are most likely to fit into the cultural millieu of what is expected of them but that their life mission is to bring harmony and she calls this the true mediator archetype. She said they can be so focused on fitting in and belonging that they lose themeselves and forget to speak their personal truths for fear of not relating to others.

The 369 needs to adjust to feel seen, safe and peaceful.

You have all three Bonders Enneacards
(Enneagram Types: 3, 6 & 9) in your Enneaspread.
Your emotional energy goes towards seeking attachments with ideas and others. You want to be bonded to people. You also want to create balance and are uncomfortable with extremes. You tend to see relationships as a part of yourself. Overall, you are positively identified with others and may have amnesia for the more difficult or negative aspects of your relationships.

I was asked the differences between the 361, the 368 and the 369 tritypes. Since the question is which gut type is dominant. At a glance, it is most helpful to look at activity levels. The 361 is very industrious and busy doing to avoid anxiety, the 1 brings a need to do what is morally correct. The 368 is focused on fighting for justice, the 8 brings a need to overcome and prevail. The 369 is highly adaptable and focused on being in comfortable alignment with others.

639 or 629 tritype. Anxious, warm, congenial and phobic.

Any combination that has a 6 runs anxiety. Any tritype that has self-pres as the dominant instinct is motivated by anxiety. The tritypes that tend to run high anxiety are the 614 and 694... and then 629 and 639.

3-6-9 - The Citizen

This tritype would be most characterized by being influenced by their society. They usually embody everything that their society is. They need to adapt in order to relieve tension and stress.

-Primary types(3, 6, 9), I don't think the order is even significant, or it can fluctuate, because what defines them is their relation to their core center

[by timeless:] You'll hear that 3-6-9 is the most common tritype. I believe that this is true, but this is no quirk of the enneagram, nor is it random chance.

You'll notice that 3, 6, and 9 are id, superego, and ego types. The Type 3 element is constantly seeking to improve themselves, the Type 6 element is constantly seeking to improve their superego, and Type 9 is constantly seeking to mediate themselves. In a way, this is the healthiest tritype in Freudian terms.

This explains why 3-6-9 is the most common tritype: this is probably the optimal path of development.

[by Grey:]The 3-6-9 triangle has to do with the fact that they all line up together in their integration/disintegration lines, creating an endless triangle

the 3 and the 9 were total opposites of one another (external cultivation vs internal), and the 6 really was somewhere in the middle.

3-6-9 Triple attachment type

The attachment types (3-6-9) are most comfortable between the norming and performing phases, when everything's going smoothly and people know what's going on.

Those with the 3-6-9 tritype, especially 9s have a considerable amount of confusion around their identities. Type 9 is already the seeker, but 3 and 6 add more elements around the feeling of lacking a clearly defined identity.

The Mediator. Accepting and focused 6. This 6 seeks security by avoiding conflict and fitting in, Depending on the situation, this 6 is accommodating or professional. This 6 is most inclined to bounce between 3-6-9. This 6 avoids trouble and is more obedient and less rebellious.

The core fears are of failure, being incapable, unable to do, inefficient, second best, unmasked, fear itself, danger, being alone, cowardice, submitting, deviance, uncertainty, targeted, chaos, fully embodied, not existing, conflict, being loveless, complication, discord, shutout, disharmony

So my question is: Do any of you here have any other information on this tritype other than the info already present here? If so I'd be intrested in hearing about how exactly the wings within the tritypes affect the personality, and whether the order of the three types truly matter or not.

I'm also curious about other people with this tritype, do you relate to the description? What is your behavior like and what are the reasons behind this behavior of yours? Do you find the title 'mediator' applicable for this tritype?

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From looking at the 6w5-3w4-9w8

Flavors: The critical thinker, skeptical observer, argumentative, natural, the gentle giant, the prep, the professional, the socialite

Your self-identification is placed on achievement and performance, and as suggested, personal meaning is compromised in favor of success. When belonging to a respected group, it is often that this trifix gains a false sense of self-esteem, and can develop arrogance and competitiveness (6's disintegration to 3) when provoked by a certain opposition (the enemy party). A strength could be that the high adaptability and professionalism can be an asset (as a scout, informer, secret agent, diplomat), and a weakness could be that this type can become very disconnected from their true self since it heavy identifies itself with the external accomplishments and the trusted group.
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