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Well.. He is very smart but he can be so brutally honest that I wonder if he intentionally does that to make me want to cry. Of course I wouldn't dare.

Me: Oh, did you see that funny youtube video.. The woman did blah blah.. hahahah
Him: That was a fake. Are you that gullible? You can't believe everything you see.
Me. ... Oh well...I can't see how that was fake.
2 days later- I get an email.
with a link verifying that it is indeed a fake.
me: :|
Arghhh!! I hate that he's right and I feel like he just rubs it in. Is it necessary to be smug?
I know it's not intentional (after discovering he was an ENTJ) but sometimes I feel like he is just waiting to pop every single happy bubble. But then at the same time, he says:
"You have no idea how much I learn from you" and "you are so happy , I love that about you. You are the love of my life..." When he says things like this--it shocks me. I'm thinking then stop being so mean!

Oh he likes to tell me that..."Truth is an intruder and receives the intruders welcome".... :dry:
You should try to take it as a learning experience. You can't change the way he is. Learn to accept this about his nature, and find ways to enjoy it.

Try to laugh at yourself a bit more, and poke fun at him in your own way.
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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