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Questions About Connecting and Interacting With ENTJs

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Hi. I have a few questions for all the types. I'm posting this thread in each type's section. Feel free to answer in as much detail as you can stand! Any additional information/ thoughts on connecting and interacting with your type are equally appreciated.

1. What is the best way to initially connect with you?

2. What is the best way to maintain a connection with you?

3. What kind of people that you interact with most positively impact you? (e.g. those I can bounce my ideas off, those I can confide in, etc.)

4.What kind of interaction do you enjoy the most?

5. What kind of people/material/etc. inspire you?

Thanks :)
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I always wonder how these questions can have any meaning if they don't have immediate applicability. Otherwise, this info is readily searched in the interwebs.

Comment: Seems like our INTJ brethren are more likely to answer and enjoy questionnaires compared to us. Now that's interesting.
Surely there's more to it than "don't be an idiot"? But then again, how do you define idiocy? And is this definition held by ENTJs in general, or is it more specific to your own personal perceptions? Not being an idiot might lead to a detached sense of respect for another person, and even towards the building of casual friendships; but does it lead to attachment as well? Do you grow very fond of every person you meet who happens to not be an idiot? And I'm genuinely interested in understanding here.
I don't grow fond on anyone I first meet. I test them for idiocy. if they pass, (after several years) they have a lifelong friend and resource. they don't pass, no more contact.

Idiot: things that go against my moral compass, that are viewed by society to be heinous, hurting the downtrodden or weak, whining about shit but never fixing it (shut up already), big dreams but no skills, saying things you think I'll like instead of finding out what I really like. there's more I'm sure.
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Well.. He is very smart but he can be so brutally honest that I wonder if he intentionally does that to make me want to cry. Of course I wouldn't dare.

Me: Oh, did you see that funny youtube video.. The woman did blah blah.. hahahah
Him: That was a fake. Are you that gullible? You can't believe everything you see.
Me. ... Oh well...I can't see how that was fake.
2 days later- I get an email.
with a link verifying that it is indeed a fake.
me: :|
Arghhh!! I hate that he's right and I feel like he just rubs it in. Is it necessary to be smug?
I know it's not intentional (after discovering he was an ENTJ) but sometimes I feel like he is just waiting to pop every single happy bubble. But then at the same time, he says:
"You have no idea how much I learn from you" and "you are so happy , I love that about you. You are the love of my life..." When he says things like this--it shocks me. I'm thinking then stop being so mean!

Oh he likes to tell me that..."Truth is an intruder and receives the intruders welcome".... :dry:
why is correcting you smug? you were wrong, now you know better-it's adding to your knowledge base.

I'm really puzzled at how this is smug.
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It seems to me he is being smug because he'll finish it with "I'm always right" or something to that effect and seems to gloat. Maybe it's just me. Afterall, I do wear the ENFP crown. :p
ah, the I'm always right does = gloating.
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