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Questions About Connecting and Interacting With ENTJs

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Hi. I have a few questions for all the types. I'm posting this thread in each type's section. Feel free to answer in as much detail as you can stand! Any additional information/ thoughts on connecting and interacting with your type are equally appreciated.

1. What is the best way to initially connect with you?

2. What is the best way to maintain a connection with you?

3. What kind of people that you interact with most positively impact you? (e.g. those I can bounce my ideas off, those I can confide in, etc.)

4.What kind of interaction do you enjoy the most?

5. What kind of people/material/etc. inspire you?

Thanks :)
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Scelerat's response was the same as mine, albeit more streamlined, in the ESTJ subforum. I never really understand these people that post in every subforum with questions like these. Oh well, intellectuals will be intellectuals.
@KINGoftheAMAZONS, some people are more private than others, buddy.

You cannot have a formula for making friends, everyone is fucking different. Even ENTJs are different from other ENTJs, focus less on the type (don't focus on the type) and focus on them.
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