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1. What is the best way to initially connect with you? Be interesting in some way

2. What is the best way to maintain a connection with you? Be proactive (I tend to take on a lot of things and at times forget to come up for air because I enjoy my work), and DO NOT GO ON TANGENTS in examples or stories. I've literally waved the "let's wrap it up" sign numerous times to people. Yes it is rude, but they are providing information that I do not care about and don't need.

3. What kind of people that you interact with most positively impact you? Those who I perceive to be more successful in their goals than me, people who know their subject well enough to take a general hypothetical event and show me the impact through each

my fiancée, infp, is the one person I trust to be open with. I open different doors of my personality to different people, but only she has the full picture on hopes/fears/dreams, etc. and it took 4 years before I was willing to broach the deeper side of me, 5 years for full view. And I'm 25, for reference. She knew cliff notes year 2, but some parts I didn't talk with her about until a year ago.

my view of emotions is that if you can find someone trustworthy, beyond the shadow of a doubt, opening up is a great feeling. But I view showing emotions publicly as a weakness (beyond the happy ones, the vulnerable emotions)

4.What kind of interaction do you enjoy the most? Argument- I have strong opinions, poke holes in my assertions and make me re-think them, and let me do the same to yours. Better overall result. No feelings/ego involved, hit away at my idea, I want to defend it. Just know your idea is going to get the same scrutiny, and even though it is blunt, I am not trying to cause embarrassment

with someone I trust, going through my reactions to things.

5. What kind of people/material/etc. inspire you? Patton. He just DID
1 - 1 of 43 Posts
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