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Whoever I am.
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Dear reader,

I think of the past when I want to come up with ideas or I want to think of something in the past and see if it’s how I am now. Or I look at the past to understand why I am feeling this now. Are what a event may tell me about myself. Or why the moon symbolizes clarity to me after I said it did because maybe it does because of how I feel when I look at it. Or I look at the past to see what I did wrong in the past or who did what wrong in the past ( not to judge but to know). Or if I miss someone I think of the past with them. Or what I learned in the past in my major and how I can apply it. Or why someone may have reacted in the past to something I said.
And of course looking into a lot of possibilities in the past. It's hard sometimes to look in the past... but sometimes I suddenly remember a fact vividly that I read in the past that connects with a situation. Strong emotions help me remember the past and certain things are vivid may be because of Fi...

If I tried to go into the past right now it's a bit fuzzy and the details aren't that detailed... I don't remember what the person was wearing exactly or the scene clearly... But I can sometimes remember my feelings... and I do understand the concept. The idea is there though with a rough picture. I really feel my mind having to travel back into my head when I think of the past ... and it's hard to go there at times. Stress REALLY helps me remember certain things if I am trying to recall information for something to help me understand something.
When I talk deeply about theories with friends like in psychology I refer to what I have learned form the past but I may also connect it to the future in someway and end up talking about society.

I wonder how INFP's look into the past.... I type as an INFP but I seem to revel in the past, hypothetical past situations, and future hypothetical situations.

I know the past is our tertiary function though...

I thought maybe I was possibly maybe an isfj because I may have a strong Si.... But then I am not really a J... I seem to utterly fail being organized with plans...Also I have watched videos on ISFJ and it just doesn't connect on a deep gut level... I don't relate to the way ISFJ's are described as a whole... My 2 friends are ISFJ one of them says I am not one.

My gut has this really off feeling when I think I am an ISFJ also.
I feel a deep inner peace when I think INFP. But then I also keep finding little tiny inconsistencies with me being it ex.) I think about the past to understand things. Just nit picky things and then my head starts to spiral into looking into what I've research in the past and how I have acted in the past and I act now. I start darting everywhere in information land

HM... wait... another thing..
I think about the past... to understand my future...
Or and understand by present to understand my future...
I don't know if that's a thing I do with the past ALL the time.. but it seems... that is the framework I play around in... like a car on a race track. the track symbolizes the framework... and the car symbolizes me darting around.

Random epiphany.

Hm.. ok what are your folks ideas of the past as an INFP.
I still finding ways I can still be an INFP... It just... idk presents itself to me.
I also like checking my ideas though... I do care about things being real in that sense ( do INFP do that?)
I find myself everyday looking deeply into MBTI looking at all the possibilities of what I may be off my thinking but still deeply holding inwardly to being an INFP.
I feel a bit stubborn... but I still try to entertain that I mistyped myself...because WHAT IF.

I noticed I definitely needed to think about the past to know what to write for most of this...

Does that mean I am not INFP or does that mean I am strong Si or am I an normal INFP.

I can see someone coming on and yelling "YOUR HUMAN!" lol

Thanks for reading
I am a deep thinker.
I hope you were entertained haha I think my work can be a bit enthralling to the reader. But idk...

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