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-Are you a visual learner? Learn by hearing? Does this affect your memory?

-Do you remember moments, a sequence of events, conversations? What do you remember best?

-In reference to the memory, do you see a flash in your head or just the feeling of what happened?

-When recalling from text, do you picture the text, graph, or picture? Do you recall characters or storylines?

-In general, what do you think is a bit different in your approach to memory? Do you think it has to do with your primary cognitive functions?

As for myself,
-I am very much a visual learner, but I will remember unnoticed points of conversation quite easily. This does affect my memory in that I'll remember the setting rather than what is being said. (ex. what someone was wearing the day they said the word, or if there was a certain tree behind someone, etc.)

- I remember moments, usually about 30 sec - 1 min long, or else it is compiled into a few words that will pop in my head to describe. I remember words or sounds best in these cases (crying, responses, sound of breathing, pronunciations)

- for the memory, I never quite see a flash of something like it is tried to be portrayed in movies, rather I just remember that I remember it happening, but it will not actually appear in my head, unless I'm deliberately racking my brain of pictures, which is very hard to accomplish. I don't think I ever really do, however there's not a way to conceptualize it.

- In text, I usually remember patterns, if it was long, what font it was in, I remember graphs well and charts. As far as books go, I usually have a finished compilation of what happened in my head, and when I pick it apart, it's still very much part of the whole. (I think this has to do with my Ne/Ti)

- I just never quite feel like I can grasp my own sense of memory. When I do math problems, I can't picture how I know it, I just do. This goes with practically everything I have knowledge of. I think it very much has to do with my sense of intuition. I can't picture something in my head exactly like a picture, but I can describe it in detail. My experience of everything seems to push everything else I do.

I'm looking very forward to your responses, this has been bugging me for a while...
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