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Questions about Personality Compatibility with Respect to Friendship or Marriages

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Some of my best friends tend to be ENTP and ENFP, yet I'm unsure if this translates to the realm of long-term relationships with the opposite sex. The main cause of this uncertainty is due to sharing similar views, interests, and possibly lifestyles with other Ni-Se users, which makes me wonder if INFJ can also match well with ENFJ and ENTJ of similar political personality. While I feel excited being around ENTP and ENFP, I wonder if this excitement only extends to friendships, and not long-term relationships or marriages. While all relationships take work, is it easier to maintain a long-term relationship with ENTP and ENFP (because of the feeling of excitement around them), or is it better to be with the ENFJ and ENTJ (by possibly having more similar outlooks and interests)?

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I think some of my childhood friends were with Ni-Se users, though later friends tend to be ENTP and ENFP. I wonder if an INFJ can form long-lasting romantic relationships with ENTJ and ENFJ, and that this is just as good as with ENTP and ENFP, political personality aside.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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