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1) How do ESTP's show that they care?
If I don't care, what happens is that I ignore them and don't pretend that I do care.

2) What are some good ways to show an ESTP that you care?
What you don't do is try and help unless it's necasarry, it's insulting otherwise. Also, genuinely care, if you don't genuinely care, I will notice. etc

3) What are some common ESTP pet-peeves? (what annoys you?)
Neuroticism, lies told because of cowardice.

4) Do ESTP's forgive often?
The invisible limit rings bells. What happens is that someone will be a dick repeatedly, and eventually they just get cut off entirely and treated with pure indifference.

5) How do you apologize to an ESTP?
Say sorry only if you're genuinely sorry. Otherwise shut up and carry on, don't worry about it, I'm not.

6) How does an ESTP apologize to you?
Skills, face to face appology usually.

7) Do ESTP's like to cuddle?
Yeah, we're pretty awesome at it.

8) Describe what a romantic evening might look like through the ESTP perspective?
Some good food out at a restaraunt, a nice relaxing moonlit walk through a park. A kiss at your door...

9) Do ESTP's like to clean (ie: chores)?
What I find is that I hate tidying and organising my living space. But if anything is dirty (there IS a difference), that will get cleaned up IMMEDIATELY.

10) Do ESTP's like to be touched? (IE: hugged, pat on the shoulder, etc..)
In general yes, but if I have no idea who you are at all, I will quietly check my pockets to make sure you haven't stolen anything.

11) Do ESTP's ever get nervous around someone they are trying to impress?
What's that 5th word? Also, I can't be bothered to conciously impress people, so it's unlikely that the 5th word ever happens to me.

12) How does an ESTP parent act? (Really involved in your children's life?)
Can't help you. I am not a parent, my dad is probably an ESTP too but we were seperated whilst I was growing up (between 6 and 18). My mum is an ISFP or something like that.

13) As an ESTP, is there anything you struggle with?
Not procrastinating.

14) As an ESTP, is there anything you have wanted to change about yourself (not physical)?

15) What is your biggest regret? (Do you even have any regrets?)
I don't regret anything that I can think of. It's all an experience.

16) What do you love about life?
Fire is pretty cool. But seriously, I like throwing myself into new things without looking (not fire though, that would be bad). Generally experiencing new things and the like.

17) What do you hate about life?
I've never thought about it. I do not have the time to waste.

18) How important are 'goals'?
Now that depends on the goal sir. I have general goals which I take seriously (be awesome/rich/powerful, etc). More specific goals like doing well in an exam are only important if they help me in a different goal that I do care about.

19) How important are 'people' in regards to you?
I get bored by myself. If someone needs my help what happens is that I drop everything less important and help them.

20) Do you ever get emotional?
I shed a solitary tear over the last episode of Scrubs.

21) How important is 'acceptance' (social)?
Not at all, what happens if people don't like me is that I find new people. The only exceptions are family, CLOSE friends, and people with more authority in the subject matter than myself.
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