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questions for you guys...

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So I've been scouring the forum looking for things to read about ESTP, but I noticed that the ESTP forum is soooo bare compared to the INFJ LOL It's crazy. I guess you guys are too busy actually having a life =)

I just have some random questions (and some are extremely random). I would appreciate any answers.

1) How do ESTP's show that they care?
2) What are some good ways to show an ESTP that you care?
3) What are some common ESTP pet-peeves? (what annoys you?)
4) Do ESTP's forgive often?
5) How do you apologize to an ESTP?
6) How does an ESTP apologize to you?
7) Do ESTP's like to cuddle?
8) Describe what a romantic evening might look like through the ESTP perspective?
9) Do ESTP's like to clean (ie: chores)?
10) Do ESTP's like to be touched? (IE: hugged, pat on the shoulder, etc..)
11) Do ESTP's ever get nervous around someone they are trying to impress?
12) How does an ESTP parent act? (Really involved in your children's life?)
13) As an ESTP, is there anything you struggle with?
14) As an ESTP, is there anything you have wanted to change about yourself (not physical)?
15) What is your biggest regret? (Do you even have any regrets?)
16) What do you love about life?
17) What do you hate about life?
18) How important are 'goals'?
19) How important are 'people' in regards to you?
20) Do you ever get emotional?
21) How important is 'acceptance' (social)?

I do have more questions, but I can't think of any for now. I'll appreciate any answers for now. Until then, I'll be checking in often for your answers. (I prefer lengthy ones with several real life examples - this is your opportunity to rant, I'm all ears <3) Thanks~!
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Thanks for answering questions. It seems some are hipocrits in a sense. They don't like lyers are people that are flaky, but ESTPs are that way? Unless I'm wrong. But, you guys are wonderful in so many ways. I looove having fun. No one else around me is that way.
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