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1) How do ESTP's show that they care?
I help out with people. If they're a close friend and they need money, etc, I have no problem giving it to them. I know I'll be paid back and can trust them to follow through. I'll listen to what the person has to say and not try to intervene so much just to hear myself talk. I like to give them my full attention.

2) What are some good ways to show an ESTP that you care?
Go out and join them in doing something they like. And while you're both outside doing things, ask them questions. I'm at my best when I'm in the moment and doing something. It's like anything will pop out of my mouth during an activity.

3) What are some common ESTP pet-peeves? (what annoys you?)
Dumbass drivers and people who think the world just revolves around them.

4) Do ESTP's forgive often?
Yes, I'm a forgiver, but the relationship won't be the same as it once was. Once again, it depends on the situation. If it's someone who crossed the line and called you a name you didn't like, it's whatever. But if it's lying to me, you'll be "forgiven", but you won't be included in much, if anything at all.

5) How do you apologize to an ESTP?
Let them know that you truly feel bad and that you messed up. It takes time for me to trust you again. It all depends on the situation though. Give me a handshake too :D

6) How does an ESTP apologize to you?
Touch is key. I let them know I screwed up and that if it was truly a bad thing that I did then they have all the right in the world to still be mad at me even after apologizing. I might buy them a small gift or pay for something for them just to show I care. Sounds shallow, I know.

7) Do ESTP's like to cuddle?
Ohhhhhh YEAH! I spent an hour and a half last night cuddling with a girl by a fire. That's a long time for me to not be moving around, but I didn't care. I was with a girl I liked.

8) Describe what a romantic evening might look like through the ESTP perspective?
Witty and intelligent conversation is key. I like a nice dinner and then a movie. After that, we can hang out on the beach or take a walk in nature.

9) Do ESTP's like to clean (ie: chores)?
I don't mind it. If it has to be done, then I'll do it. As long as I have music going, I can get through a mundane task.

10) Do ESTP's like to be touched? (IE: hugged, pat on the shoulder, etc..)
Definitely. It's action. Words are nice, but to show what you mean by shaking a hand or hugging makes the interaction 10x better. Cuddling is nice too ;D

11) Do ESTP's ever get nervous around someone they are trying to impress?
If I'm really conscientious about the person and observe them, then I get distracted and can't be myself. But when I'm in control and not too concerned about the person then I can let loose and crack the jokes or make conversation. Somehow the person I'm targeting joins in and then I make her the center of my attention.

12) How does an ESTP parent act? (Really involved in your children's life?)
No idea.

13) As an ESTP, is there anything you struggle with?
When it comes to relationships and friendships, I almost feel like I have to ask personal questions when it comes to silence. I can talk about my surroundings and crack jokes all I want, but that just makes the other person seem like the audience. It's hard for me to think about questions to ask them personally because I know the answers to them already. That's a weakness of mine.

14) As an ESTP, is there anything you have wanted to change about yourself (not physical)?
I sometimes wish I could be more expressive about emotions, but then I think to myself that it's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm able to think in crisis situations and figure out how to control the crisis, as opposed to just running around and screaming.

15) What is your biggest regret? (Do you even have any regrets?)
I was a player in high school. I would date girls that I had known for quite a while and then end the relationship abruptly. I felt like a jerk because of it and would often avoid the girls to not hear what I had caused. I have apologized to them since then and are friends with them.

16) What do you love about life?
I like that you can choose what do to. You're in control of yourself and you can go out and explore the world. There are so many cultures, cities, people, and experiences waiting for you and you are the person who can make it happen.

17) What do you hate about life?
People who think life is just a one track way from being born to dying. They follow the stereotypical view of how to live. Go to school, meet a lover, get married, grow old, and die. Change it up and do something different. I've been in conflicts before with people because they don't do something the way I do it. And my way is wrong even though it works. It's those types of people who can't value people for who they are and their opinions. To sum it up, I hate narrow-minded people. :D

18) How important are 'goals'?
Goals are very important to me. I want to be successful and be well-known. But there's not a single path that leads you there. There are several ways to get to that goal. I like to be flexible about getting to that goal. Otherwise, you miss out on the good things.

19) How important are 'people' in regards to you?
There are two types of people to me. 1) there are the people who can do things with you and have fun in the moment, but not have an intimate relationship with them. And 2) There are those who you can have fun with and also be personal with. I have a handful of people from the second group that I never get tired of hanging out with and can truly be myself around. Those are the ones that are really important to me.

20) Do you ever get emotional?
Very rarely. Sometimes I hold things in and it adds up to an emotional outburst. I'm working on it, though. When I'm stressed, I get rid of it by working out - jogging or hitting the punching bag. It works wonders.
21) How important is 'acceptance' (social)?
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