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Quick Type Testing methods from Filatova

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You can read more about these here, but I would caution against visual typing, as not all visual cues can be associated with socionics factors. I would also caution against using these tests as final determinants of your type - they are, however, interesting exercises that may yield a pattern of cues that could lead to a more successful, direct means of typing certain dichotomies. As of now, we only have E/I and S/I(N), but if you have suggestions for testing E/L(T/F) or J/P, please share them below.

I have provided instructions below both headers. If you click the spoiler, you will ruin the validity of the test, so answer each prompt then click the Spoiler.

Extroversion vs. Introversion

Write several sentences that contain the following words:

  • City
  • House
  • Lake

Ask a person to write several sentences expressing associations with such words as "city", "house", "lake". An Extravert will try to make objective characteristics: city – straight streets, multistoried houses, gardens… An Introvert will make remarks such as "I don't like big cities because there is noise and dirt" – in other words, he will instead formulate his attitude.

Comments: because an extraverted type will reference the world around them instead of their own subjective take on a given topic, they will be more likely to describe things "as they are" objectively. An introverted type will more likely focus on the world around them as they assess it or take it in.

Sensation vs. Intuition

Click the spoiler below and look at the image for roughly ten seconds. Close the picture and list as many things about the picture as you can remember. When you are done, click the second spoiler.


Filatova proposed a simple test for this dichotomy: show a picture containing many details for about 10 seconds. A Sensor will have easier time listing the concrete details by heart. An Intuitive will describe only few and in generalities, may mention large-scale details but won't mention the "trifles".

: because sensors will take in higher volumes of sensory information, they will be more likely to remember concrete details of the image offhand. Because intuitives take in information by way of concepts, they may be more likely to remember that there was, for example, a "loop thing" in the middle, a "Capitol" somewhere, and a "Big Ben," without truly noticing the actual details of the buildings offhand (this is what I did).

It may be the case that Se people are not as detailed as Si, as well.

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Introversion vs Extroversion


The day had come where I would leave my old, wooden, big house by this gorgeous, pristine, lake and finally move into the city.

(only one sentence, but oh well)

Sensation vs Intuition


At first, I immediately thought 'carnival,' maybe because of its comical look or the way this roller-coaster/slide thing was going all around the picture. I then noticed the Tower of London and the U.S Capitol Building and knew that an artist had made this picture to be very representative of something. I think there were other historical symbols, but I kept myself limited to 10 seconds of looking at it. I think the roller-coaster/slide thing might have been representative of a timeline or maybe some famous thing I didn't recognize. I'm interested by the artist's choice of black and white. Did he/she intuitively feel it fit the picture and the message of it, or was did/she rationally reason to decide to not put color in the picture?

My results


For the first one, I wrote the sentence from the point of view of a fictional character in first-person. I did add in her (I imagined a young woman for whatever reason) subjective view of the house and lake and implied she had been anticipating moving to the city by using the word "finally." Or maybe the descriptiveness of the house and lake could be taken from an extroverted stand-point, though the adjectives used were quite subjective. I guess this one is open to interpretation. I think most people would interpret this as extroversion, though, tbh.

As for sensation & intuition, I feel like I pointed out a fair amount of concrete things and then expanded on that by adding what I thought its intended meaning was and what the artist's thought process was. Not sure how to interpret this.

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