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Okay so I'm sure you remember the "this infp hangs with millionaires thread."

Well. I FUCKING QUIT. It was pretty ruthless the entire time I was there, but honestly, I can deal with ruthless as long as it has purpose. The COO had purpose (balance and happiness), but the CEO was too insecure and very imbalanced. Let me explain what happened:

My workers were building an outdoor kitchen at our 3 million dollar property, and it came down to, Do I have them finish the outdoor kitchen so they can use it, or do I stop now and have them clean so that it looks pretty?

I opted for the "usability" option, which my CEO disagreed with (being that he lived there and all haha).

He disagreed, and said that he would dock the amount of money it would take to have them clean it from my pay check.

So I told him he has my 2 weeks, but that I would pay them because they deserve it for their work. He said he would pay them, but that if Im going to walk it has to be today.

So yesterday I walked. Guess I might not need those 6 suits I bought last week afterall haha.

So now Im traveling to Sedona to have a spiritual experience, and stuff.

No idea what I'll do about money. Maybe get a van and put a mattress at it then get a gym membership for showering and a clothes rack.

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Oh dear.. You know what, I would've actually followed my own option if I think everything will fall into place and plan and give him his stupid money, cos he wants control basically. But then, his empire will fall apart if he controls too much. Sometimes it is not about the stupid money and he should be taught a lesson in humility.

Well, never mind. Come back to fight another day !
Sometimes sticking up for what is right takes time and momentum to build up. Some CEOs are sometimes sitting in ivory towers, and it is the middle management tiers which hold things together. You will come to notice this.

For the CEOs which got bumped up way high out of randomness, never learnt what it takes to lead true people to be behind him at all. He does sound like a petulant child, using money to threaten others. Well... !

Do not let this experience hit you too much. Go for a break, have a holiday, recentre and come back.
It has taken you this long to get where you are and it seems a waste if you do not continue what you originally set out to do. At least this gives you an idea of what it is like out there at that kind of level. To me, there is a time and place for things as well, and you gotta have patience...

There's a Chinese saying "With perseverance, a metal pole can be grind down to a pin."
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