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Sorry for another career related post - it seems us INTPs can't get enough information on this! :th_blush:

Anyway, I've been having the same INTP dilemma ever since leaving high school; nothing is satisfying, I'm easily bored and I need to be challenged. I have probably been switching fields faster than you can say fickle and have jumped academically from Media, Business Management, Forensic Science and Law to having careers in Law, HR and Finance. :rolleyes:

A lot of this has resulted from my own desires to belong and contribute in more creative departments (Media/Forensic Science) and my parents' hopes for me to be in a high-paying, prestigious, corporate field (Law/Business/Finance).

However I am now in my late 20s having gone through various tugs of conflict, and am currently 3 years into this "corporate" world recruiting for investment banks as a headhunter. It is nothing like the movies of course, and basically involves nothing more than sitting at a desk anywhere from 3 to 6 hours on end, cold-calling clients and "selling" various jobs/careers to half-suspecting candidates :bored:... Unfortunately though, it pays very well.

I've become depressed coming in to work all day sitting from 9am-8pm. I have no motivation left and am genuinely worried about getting fired sooner or later. But still, I have rent and expenses to pay and if it also helps to know, I live in center of one of the "top 5 most expensive cities in the world" so income will probably make a huge difference.

I have wanted to be a forensic scientist/investigator, investigative journalist, advertising/creative producer... basically something that is exciting, tugs at emotions and makes a profound impact to a large audience. And certainly not a desk job! So I am wondering if any of you have left the corporate world or any lucrative job to pursue more creative (low-paying) careers? Or if you have any inspiring stories to share?
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