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In honor of my INFJ first love :blushed:

Protectors are the ones often overlooked, yet have their light based on wanting to see in another person’s soul even when that person appears unlovable to others.

Protectors are the ones who speak most softly and kindly to the broken ones.

Protectors are the ones whose loyalty can equally match the depths of their own hearts.

Protectors are the ones who seek the highest, most mellow stability for their families, loved ones and want the same for others.

Protectors are the ones who appear calm, just to hide their anger, so that you won’t get overly hurt.

Protectors are the ones seeking to further improve both internal and external ethics, with both soft warmth and volcanic fierceness.

Protectors are the ones who seek to love and guide with their intuitions, and know how to heal the broken spots unreached by others.

Protectors are the ones who seem to speak a great level of stability and generosity for the world, even when under quiet or awkward fronts.

Protectors know the universal language of understanding even without the need of over rationalizing or over idealizing.

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Dear izzie,
Your writing these quotes for INFJs tells me that us protectors have protectors too! This is very important to this INFJ! Thank you more than you know! :wink:
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