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I know there's already a thread for quotes meant to help Ones, but this is just meant to be a barely-serious thread about quotes that seem to summarize One-ness (healthy or unhealthy). Like, if you knew nothing else about this person but heard them say it, you'd go, "Darn, that person really sounds like a One."

I'll start with my favorite chronic criticizer, Willam Belli of Willam's Beatdown:

I'm going to teach you how to be better through the faults of others.
(I don't think Willam is a One, but this quote is pretty One-ish.)

Also, there's this fundamentalist "Christian" blogger on the internet named Anna Diehl. I put "Christian" in scare quotes because her theology seems less Biblical than it does 50 Shades of God:

If you blow off God’s guidelines about your sexual fantasies, you’re going to end up paying for your rebellion with some serious internal misery. God will not be mocked. If we repent of our bad attitudes and sincerely ask Him to have His way with us, He will bring great blessings out of our struggles. But if we chose to defy Him by ignoring the things He has taught us, then we will be disciplined accordingly. God is not some spineless parent who needs us to like Him. God is the King, and He won’t put up with our snarky “I don’t care what You say” attitudes. God spanks His kids and He avenges Himself on those who dare to spit in His face. So don’t go there.
Anyone else?
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