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On life, purpose, love and longing. And Santa. :)

[If this post is somehow out of place, let me know; I'll delete it.]

Life, Love and Santa Claus.

What's life worth living, if not for love?
We are just a speck, or less, in a cosmos expanding
What we achieve, build, love, hurt, destroy - matters?
Matter and energy hum along, hardly noticing!

Yet, we continue to live as humans
Taking ourselves rather seriously indeed
If only because there's someone to care for
And someone caring for us, we live on, as decreed

Created, only to be destroyed
Someone remains who feels the grief, who loves
But ah! what good is this life
Even if duty's done, but none existed, who loved?

This relentless cycle of working, living, learning
This assiduous marching towards goals
As the heart's feeble voice is left yearning
Weeping salty tears down its vacuous cardiac holes

If only there was a shoulder, warm
This December night, as the year comes to a close
Made not of promises or hope or virtual wishes
But in flesh and blood, for someone - unrealistic hopes?

I am no child, but how I wish I was!
I've been good - worked hard, learnt well too,
Even conquered many fears and failings
If there was Santa, he'd be pleased, may be he'd have made my wishes come true?


Why am I posting this on PerC? Wanted to say this aloud somewhere, to someone, yet to no one in particular. Just wanted to say it aloud, without there being any sound waves created for anyone to hear it... Let the sound of the keyboard be the only reverberation sent into the fabric of space-time... and perhaps someone's sigh... or sob... or something...

One of those moments. They all pass. But grateful every moment for all that's good in life, anyway. :) For this privileged life, however surreally hollow it might be eventually. Privileged, still.

I wish each of you better, though, this new year. Live with fulfillment, because that is the only life worth living.
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