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Well... INFJs have a deep well of emotions... For me... it can come in the form of a deep melacholy, joy... or perhaps having been infected by sadness... mine or another's.

But all of that passion aside... part of living with intense emotions is learning to control them. People who are at the mercy of their own teetering emotions wouldn't be able to live normal lives... so we INFJs adapt and learn how to deal with our emotions.

My father was cold and calculating... and from him... I learned to keep thinking even while being pulled every which way by my emotions. While I can't stop myself from feeling powerfully and being pulled into certain irrational paths by love, empathy, and other emotional triggers... I can maintain a certain rationality even in pursuing these irrational things.

It's a funny contradiction... rationally pursuing the best means to accomplish an irrational goal. But it's one I've learned to embrace. The feelings fuel the fire that gives me the energy and drive to continue... but my head steers the ship.
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