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To follow up with my previous blog post Too tired of hate. Blogs @PersonalityCafe - I was wondering about why an individual might hate? I also said:
...It just takes too much energy away from a person, leaving a cluttered mess of flesh and a grimy soul.

Today I happen to pick up The Celestine Prophecy and within the book came across passages about the nature of conflict between people/groups/nations. It says- it's nothing but a transfer of energy, and when it happens to people, sometimes Psychic Vampirism (well, not exact term was used) can occur. Basically a person lives and thrives on the energy of another person, leaving the other all dried up of energy. They own parts of you and as you lose parts of yourself you become weaker: both psychically and also perhaps- physically. If the person is the aggressor, as in- a person that hates- he seek to control and rob energy from people/groups. That's why hate is damaging. It needs higher energy to keep going, keep controlling, until sucking people around dry like the psychic vampire he is.
Now how to stop is another story. Can a person just go cold turkey? Could Dracula go cold turkey on blood- is the question.

It is also amazing that I just happened to pick up the book today and my question (why hate?) was answered. Synchronicity?

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