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Re-typing myself....over and over and over...

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Ok, a year ago, I tested as an INFP. I read the discription, did some studies, and came to the conclusion that I was most definitely an INFP.

I took a class on philosophy and started studying that. Granted this may not apply but I feel as if this is the time when I started to think and decide things based off of what logically made sense rather than my emtions. Although, I know that INFPs also have a tendancy to philosophize.

I just recently moved and finally got away from my family and into a completely new environment. I talk a lot, like to socialize and would rather be out every night than inside. I just recently tested 2 new types and now I'm just fucking confused. The types were ENTP and ENFP. Now, I try to honestly answer them and I consistantly type these 2 types. ENTP more so. I've tested so many times, now I'm thinking that I can't test myself or type myself because I'm bias or I just know all the answers and which preferences go to what answers.

So...I need help retyping myself. Anyone up for a challenge?
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How were you as a kid? Were you quiet and reserved or the other way around. Also does your energy come from within yourself or does it come more from people?

I can get really talkative at times, but they usually are in bursts and when I feel like. I used to be hyperactive as a child too believe it or not, but all that energy I had came from within me.
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I had this issue before. Try the cognitive functions test.

Some people (*ahem* akogcen...) don't trust the CF test, but it'll at least weed out what you're definitely NOT. You'll probably at least get a few confirmed "letters" confirmed, such as I or F, etc.

Oh, and if you were smothered or held back by your family, it's possible that you're not an INFP. In my teen years, I was definitely seemingly ISTP. But that's because I was raised by sensor-feelers and surrounded by ISTJs in school. You may finally be less stifled now.
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If you were sure you were an infp I would probably stick with that. People often confuse (myself included) introversion vs extroversion as disliking social things vs liking them, which is not true. I am an intp, and I don't particularly enjoy social gatherings, but that is just me. An introvert might love going out and hitting the town, but if you find yourself needing to settle down alone or just relax after a few days/nights of hanging out you are an introvert.

The flipside is if you like only being by yourself but find yourself "cooped up" and needing to get out then you are an extrovert. It all gets very confusing :S

I hope this helped, lol
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