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Reading out loud

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My wife pointed out to me that I sometimes change sentences when reading out loud.

I always preserve the meaning.

I think this has to do with reading the words, processing them and recreating the sentence in my own words to clarify the meaning, and then causing conflicts when I say the words aloud... I usually say my interpretation instead of the actual written version.

Any other INTPs notice this?

I'm pretty sure if I were to ignore meaning and simply repeat the words on the page giving no thought to them this wouldn't happen.
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Whether or not one does this most likely has to do with which hemisphere is more involved in processing words. Evidently, if you do this, you're more apt to be left-handed or have descent motor function in said area. Also, I'm willing to bet, you don't 'silently' articulate (concerning motor movements) when you read silently to yourself or when you're typing out some information.
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